Recommended Reading

The following books I would heartily recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about treasure hunting and metal detecting. The list is not meant to be all inclusive. I am sure there are many others out there worthy of a read, but these are a few of my favorites. Take that for what it's worth. Like my autograph, I always tell people, "with that and three bucks, you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks".

  • The Treasure Hunter's Handbook, by Andy Sabisch
  • Successful Coinhunting, by Charles Garrett (1st edition is more informative)
  • Treasure Under Your Feet, by Roy Volker and Dick Richmond
  • Treasure from British Waters, by John Howland
  • The Journals of El Dorado, by Estee Conatser & Karl von Mueller
  • Sudden Wealth, by Deek Gladson
  • Search! by Jim Warnke
  • Hunting for Treasure, by John Castle
  • Coinshooting II, Digging Deeper Coins, by Glenn Carson
  • Cache Hunting, by Glenn Carson
  • Relic Hunter, the Book, by Ed Fedory
  • The World of the Relic Hunter, by Ed Fedory
  • The Electronic Metal Detector Handbook, by E.S. LeGaye
  • The Urban Treasure Hunter, by Michael Chaplan
  • Advanced Coin Shooting, by Patrick Fahey
  • Eastern Treasure Hunter, by Dave Rendina
  • The Detectorist, by Robert Sickler
  • Metal Detecting Previously Hunted Sites, by Vince Pascucci
  • Taking a Closer Look at Metal Detector Discrimination, by Robert Brockett
  • The Complete Guide to Treasure Hunting, by Norman Carlisle & David Michelsohn
  • The Competitive Treasure Hunt, by Jack Lowry
  • The Treasure Hunter's Manual, (all volumes) by Karl von Mueller
  • The Detector Owner's Field Manual, by Roy Lagal
  • Researching and Detecting Ghost Towns, by Daryl Townley
  • The Mid-Atlantic Treasure Coast, by Stephen Voynick
  • Successful Treasure Hunting, by Lance Comfort

Three favorites
Three of my favorites

I have accumulated quite a few TH'ing books over the years, but I am not sure how many are still available. Click on My Collection to see the complete listing....