August 30, 2013


A few days ago I mentioned the AP Article about the damage done to the Oregon Trail. I also took umbrage to the comment "A portion of the Oregon Trail in south-central Idaho near Burley has been damaged by people using metal detectors and shovels to illegally search for artifacts". It pissed me off because no where in the article was there a mention of detectorists having been seen, or any other proof that this was indeed the case.

Don't get me wrong. The damage could well have been caused by "people using metal detectors" but wouldn't it be nice to wait and see how this all ends up. I was reminded of the Burke County cemetery desecration earlier this year and the mention of "relic hunters". The culprits were caught quickly and wound up being drug addicts looking for fast money. Unfortunately another quick and unfounded attack on our pastime was thrown out there for all to read.

Immediately after I posted this article (and remember I didn't have to) I mentioned that Stout Standards had five quick visits from Warsaw....yeah, good ole Wally was ready to pounce. It was fodder to beat up on the tekkies (it's his life's work and perverted obsession). If you care to read his "hilarious" bullshit you can do so here.

I will once again take umbrage to the following comments and the "alleged" accusations in the articles offered:


"We assume that what happened is someone used a metal detector to discover where the artifacts were along this section of the Oregon Trail,"


"People with metal detectors likely visited the site in hopes of finding valuable artifacts."


I won't waste time posting the definitions of "assume" or "likely" but suffice to say they are not "definitive" words. They are speculative at best, but hey the word is already out there so THEY have achieved their goal.

Warsaw Wally is determined to have a field day with this no matter what so I will move on, but I just wish we would hear more from him about things like:

Top Macedonian Archaeologist Held Over Artefacts Smuggling

Arachaeologist Spared Jail

Antiquities Minister Facing Criminal Charges

Mr.Barford when will you show us your academic credentials? Many have asked before, but apparently you are not willing to share. If indeed you are an archaeologist what's to hide?



Just received the Summer 2013 issue of the "Treasure Hunter's Express" and as usual, thoroughly enjoyed it. Paul Tainter hasn't lost a step with his newsletter nor his writing, and I highly recommend you subscribe. Paul was the founder and father of "Treasure Expo", an annual event that attracted all the reknowned treasure hunting greats of the time (nothing like it since, and I doubt there ever will be)... R., Early photo Paul/front of Research Unlimited, Paul with Michael Paul Henson,
Recent photo of Paul and Joan, and copies of Treasure Hunters Express

For more information on the Treasure Hunter's Express, email Paul at Tell him Dick Stout sent you.



John Howland responds to recent BS from Wally concerning the Battle of Bosworth. Apparently Wally has trouble with his eyesight, but then again he has trouble with anything and everything that does not fit into his tiny little world. To read John's response click here.



My friend John Winter sent me the following ad and asked if I knew who the fat guy was. Lo and behold it's John Howland (a.k.a. Bubba). Apparently Garrett has begun scraping the bottom of the barrel (and that's a pretty damn good description when it comes to Howland), and will put anyone's photo to their product. I wanna see the photo taken after he found the coin. You know the one at the pub with him on all fours.


August 28, 2013


Just found something that all you relic hunters might be interested in (and especially the gals). I may be wrong about this but I will let you all decide. Unfortunately the "camo" model seems to be sold out (sorry Diva). My only regret is that I didn't come up with idea. Damn! Click on this link and tell me what you think? Great video as well!


Diva, since this is a British company maybe we could persuade Mr. Winter or Mr. Howland to be the middleman and we could distribute here in the States? Think of it... "Dick & Diva's Shit Boxes". Nice ring to it don't ya think?


THE DICK & DAN SHOW...coming soon

Well, for all you TV detecting show critics I may have come up with "the" show and I think you will like it. Now this idea started out with a casual response to something Dan Hughes posted on Facebook but somehow the conversation continued and wound up being pretty funny (and stupid too), but then I realized where it was going and asked Dan to delete it. Before I asked however I copied it and saved it.

Anyway you all remember "Abbott & Costello"? Well this is "Dick &Dan"....It starts with Dan's comment:


I get lots of porn spam (Adriana is a persnickety little thing), but today I got one with this provocative headline: HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN YOU NAKED BY ACCIDENT? I'm trying to think of a scenario where that might happen, but I'm not having much luck.

Dick Stout: If you find anything please don't share it...

Dan Hughes: Same to you, Dick!

Dick Stout: Don't think a naked photo of either of us would get much notice...just a guess.

Dan Hughes: Yeah, don't know if there's a market for naked photos of old treasure writers. Maybe if we were using detectors....

Dan Hughes: Wonder if Western & Eastern Treasures would put a shot of the two of us on the cover?

Dick Stout: Probably not but suspect it would be big selling issue...

Dan Hughes: "Is your magazine's circulation anemic? Subscriptions down? Newsstand purchases dropping? Let Dick and Dan save the day!"

Dick Stout: You know we could have the control boxes in strategic places....?

Dan Hughes: Dick, I think maybe we're getting a little too much into this....

Dick Stout: Yeah, you are probably right...sorry.

Dan Hughes: Remember the White's control boxes from the 1960s? They were so big nobody would know we were naked.

Dick Stout: I could probably get away with using a "Troy" today....

Dan Hughes: No WAY I can top that one, Dick! I quit!

Dick Stout: Me too....can you delete this.


Dan Hughes

For those of you not familiar with Dan Hughes please peruse his website, and if you don have his Metal Detecting Manual consider getting it. It's extremely well done.



John Howland sent me his latest update to the Malamute Saloon and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Hope you will too. The three topics he discusses are examples of where the archaological community needs to stand down, though I suspect that's not possible. Click on the Malamute Saloon photo for John's latest submission.



You are welcome to take extracts from or link to my website/blog. All I ask is that you have the courtesy to give me an acknowledgement....thanks!


Thanks to Bob Kerr for the following....

Inscribed on Russell J. Larsen’s headstone in Logan, Utah

Five rules for men to follow for a happy life
  1. It’s important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans up, and has a job.
  2. It’s important to have a woman who can make you laugh.
  3. It’s important to have a woman who you can trust, and doesn’t lie to you.
  4. It’s important to have a woman who is good in bed, and likes to be with you.
  5. It’s very, very important that these four women do not know each other, or you could end up dead like me.
Mr. Larsen died not knowing that he would win the “Coolest Headstone” contest.....


August 26, 2013


You have to love this question. It goes along with "what is the most valuable thing you've found". They are only often asked together and not totally unexpected. You would also think that the answer to both questions would be the same, but I would beg to differ. In fact I think there should actually be four totally different questions. I would prefer....

  1. What is the BEST thing you've ever found?
  2. What is the MOST VALUABLE thing you've ever found?
  3. What is the OLDEST thing you've ever found?
  4. What is the MOST MEMORABLE thing you've ever found?

I throw these four questions out there, and would love to hear your answers. I will share mine in a follow-up post, and in case you are wondering the most valuable coin ever found with a metal detector was sold in November of 2012 for $400,000.



Was reading this morning's Dallas Morning News and about the new security changes at the AT & T Stadium (formerly "Jerry World" or Cowboys Stadium). This photo caught my eye and I can only imagine how happy the folks at Garrett are today....

Dallas Morning News photo


I found this article on Facebook and then Googled the topic to see if I could gather more information. I could only find more of the same. A lot more of the same. Apparently someone wanted to make sure the information got out there....

Damage to Oregon Trail

While it may well be true that detectorists were responsible for this damage, my question is WHO made this determination, and how can they know that "hundreds" of artifacts were taken? Trust me I don't condone this type of illegal trespassing and damage, but could we at least wait and see how all this shakes out? Call me a doubting Thomas but I am just a little suspicious of how this AP article is worded, and how it gained so much traction. Maybe it's because I've seen this type of thing so many times in the past.

And the comment “Whatever they got will probably end up in a shoebox in their basement”. I have a feeling they know all about this sort of thing…..ya think?




August 23, 2013


Want to share once again a forum that I really enjoy. It's simply called Metal Detecting Equipment. You won't find it full of trivial, negative or small talk. You will find it full of very good information and sound advice. They state "Our mission is to increase the knowledge base of all readers by sharing our collective insight and to provide sound advice without editorial bias".

Bob Sickler

This forum was the brain child of Carl Martahus and I was made aware of it by Bob Sickler, author of The Detectorist, one of the best metal detecting books ever written, and long time field tester for Western & Eastern Treasures. Bob always told it "like it is" and when I have any technical questions I email or give him a call. Likewise many of the other contributors on this forum are well versed on the inner workings of detectors and have years of experience.

Metal Detecting Equipment is a no nonsense forum, and one where you come away a little more knowledgeable each time you visit. I urge you to give a look see and check in there often.



My good friend Michel Tocque checks my blog frequently and will sometime email me about something I post. Inevitably something happens in the translation and his latest contact is no exception. I think my mention of "Indiana Jones" accounts for the photo at the bottom left. When I tried to find out more the only response was "much wine" so it's anyone's guess. I can tell you that you never "dare" him to do anything....

Michel and I have detected together a few times, and Fay and I have become close friends with he, his lovely wife Joelle and family, frequenlty spending a few days in the Brittany area when we are in France. I have witnessed Michel's technical savvy, as well as his ability to cook up one damn good meal along with a few damn good bottles of wine. I have also seen the aftermath of these talents and they don't get much funnier. Have a feeling the indian get-up was one of those.

I have a lot of respect for Michel Tocque. He is treasure hunter, a gentleman, a fantastic family man, a very good friend and a helluva lot of fun to be around. Add in his brother-in-law Roget, also a hunter, and you have the makings of one bat shit crazy day or evening. Meeting Michel was one of the few good things that came out of my time with Garrett. Our friendship and our love for France has lasted almost 25 years.



I know I have shared this with you many times, but you know what? I will continue to do so because cancer is no stranger to my family, nor I suspect to yours either. It has touched so many of late...

Let me tell you a little about Ken MacIntyre? Ken is the son of Lisa Hume MacIntyre, archaeologist from Florida, and a gal I had the pleasure to debate on the American Digger Magazine's Relic Roundup Show.

We went back and forth two weeks in a row and I think she would agree that we were both winners. Lisa is not your "typical" archaeologist, and please don't ask me what I mean by that because I think you know how I feel about them. Lisa MacIntyre is knowledgeable, understanding, appreciates what it is we do and wants to work with us. She was certainly not in the majority on those shows but she held her own and came through with flying colors.

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Right after our second debate her son Ken was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer). At that time Ken was going to school part time, working part time, and his wife Heather was working full time. Now, Ken is not able to work and is facing chemotherapy along with many other tests and treatments. Both he and Heather have maxed out their insurance, and simply have no idea how they will pay for all this. That's where we came in and where you can come in.

I know the kind of people involved in this pastime, and I know you will step up and help this family, as so many of you have already done. Keep Ken in your thoughts and prayers and contribute what you can. Every little bit helps, and who knows you just might come away with a new detector to boot. Every cent will go directly to Ken and Heather.

Lastly, I feel certain that Ken will beat this and when he does we are going to have a party! Yep, we thugwits are going to hoik a few beers and celebrate!

To help, to contribute and to get in on the drawing click on Ken's photo here....



Treasure of a Different Sort Off the North Carolina Coast

Mystery Woman Recovers Ring

Raining Cash

Local Aquaman Finds Treasure

If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to Eddy's Metal Detecting News by clicking on the following logo.....Thanks as always Eddy!


August 21, 2013


It's an age old dilemma...who are we and what should we call ourselves? More importantly, how do we want to be perceived? Certainly it’s more macho to be a “treasure hunter” because the majority of people haven't a clue what the word detectorist means. If however you are a "treasure hunter" you become synonymous with Indiana Jones, and it can't get much cooler than that....

Hey, I'd love to be Indiana Jones. Swashbuckling, devil-may-care, daring, bold, reckless, courageous and best of all, seducer of all things feminine..... Yeah, that's the ticket...that’s who I want to be, no doubt about it.

Unfortunately while I am somewhat devil-may-care (as in I don’t give a crap about much), I'm sure not swashbuckling (that involves getting off my ass and moving around), daring (that means getting out in the hot weather), bold (that usuall results in getting slapped in the face), reckless (I have nothing to get reckless with), courageous (my wife beats me) and I sure as hell haven’t seduced anything feminine in many years, not even a mosquito.

Then of course we have “relic hunter", "artifact hunter” and “prospector”...good labels, except if you are an artifact hunter you are a hoiker who destroys the entire history of the world and becomes a millionaire in the process. Well at least according to some. Maybe we could simply become "metal detector enthusiasts" or "metal detector users", or better yet, "history hunters". Hmm, I kinda like that.

I am guessing that no matter what we decide to call ourselves there will always be those out there looking to discredit us, and they will label us as they see fit. So go ahead, you decide who you are, use whatever name you wish, and the hell with what others think. Wanna be Indiana Jones? Be Indiana Jones! Go for it... 24/7.

Do let me know though if the seducing thing works. I could always drop a few pounds, work out some, get a wig, etc...



While I am on the subject of labeling why do we pretend that what we do is akin to rocket science? About the only thing complicated about detecting today is figuring out where to get the $2,500 to buy that top-of-the-line detector. Yeah I know detectors are now computerized, and you can program them, and make them sound like a Buck Rogers space gun, but I am willing to bet a fifteen year old kid (who is already buying & selling stock on his smart phone) can figure it all out in an hour or two.

I can hear you now. This guy Dick Stout sure has a pair of "big ones" to say something like this. The old guy who just likes to turn it on and go, and dreams of a one knob detector. He really is a "dick"!! Well you may be right, but be honest. We push a few pads, swing a coil and "hope" we find something neat, and we all know that if we aren't in the right spot we might as well be using a couple of willow twigs (and dowsers don't get on my ass). The detectorists that I see being successful today are those who know "WHERE" to take their detectors, not those who have the latest and the best, and yes experience counts for something but so does being lucky.

I am being selective here in putting these remarks together, but they were part of someone's earlier comments (with regards to how critical we are when it comes to detecting shows on TV)....

"We are all goofballs digging holes for our enjoyment and entertainment and not to save the world so let’s all just relax and come down from our high horses. Everyone should stop taking themselves so seriously".....

Not very flattering I know, but it's so true..... (Man am I going to get my ass kicked here...)



Here's your chance to own one or more of the above detectors and help out someone in need at the same time. You can find out how HERE



Interesting read on Peter Tompa's great blog. Hope you will take a minute to read it.

"Archaeology...Art or Science?".


August 20, 2013


I never stop being amazed at what the guy in the Malamute Saloon comes up with when I open his emails or posts. Never, ever.... I have no doubts that they are penned in the evening, after a few glasses of whatever (as in single malt Scotch, Bourbon or Wine). He is. after all, a big fan of Ernest Hemingway.

In any case you can read his latest by clicking here. Draw your own conclusions from it. I personally have no clue who he is referring to....



Well, much to his chagrin, I am pleased to welcome John Winter into a very special and limited group, which we can now be called the reprehensible, blasphemous, despised and dispicable "Gang of Seven". For more clarity please read Heritage Harry's most recent prose (or bullshit if you prefer).

Hope you know John that this is indeed an honor. While there are thousands out there who hate Wally and Harry, not too many can piss him off so deftly and so frequently as the "Gang of Seven". Your decal, patch and certificate are in the mail, as well as a framed photo of Wally and Harry.



Well, Garrett has put out the tickler and now we must wait to see just what their new model is all about. Add in a little mysterious music and the plot thickens...

Also heard a rumor that another manufacturer is coming out with a new model at the first of next year...time will tell.



Florida Man Digs Up Treasure & Gives it Away

Norfolk Treasure

Martin Manley Suicide Treasure

Two Men Continue Search for Civil War Treasure



Just another reminder about the Ken MacIntyre Effort. Here's a chance for you to win a new detector and in the process help a friend in need. Ken started his first round of chemotherapy last Friday and has ten more to go. For more information about Ken's progress and details on how you can help (and win that detector) please click HERE.


August 18, 2013


My good friend and lookalike in the UK, John Winter, just added an update to his blog that you need to read...please. It's an article from 1993, but as John says, it's "even more relevant today". Hope you will take a minute to read it, as well as the comments that follow. I also suggest you print it out...great ammunition if you ever have to fight city hall.

You can access it by clicking here or by clicking on his smiling face below.


Now, watch our friend "Warsaw Wally" go bat shit crazy! What a guy! You see he has always had a difficult time when it comes to the facts. It's much easier and sleazier to bring up "hoiking things out of the ground" and "nighthawking"....sounds nastier then "discovering and sharing", but then that's his style.

Anyway, read Wally's very lengthy response, and do a word count. That's the way you can gauge how pissed off he is. If you are ready for a laugh click here or click on his smiling face below.


When I checked in on Wally this morning I see he replied to John's comments, and was pissed that John refused to print his "let me in please" BS, and rightfully so. Rightfully so because if one tries to "reasonably" respond to anything Wally offers he or she is insulted ad infinitum. Likewise his bosom buddy Heritage Harry will offer this if you attempt to share your views on his blog:

"We believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit. The world’s archaeologists agree. We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won’t be published. Thanks".


To John Winter....

John, go easy with the pinot grigio and watch your step. When you are mentioned in the same breath as John Howland you are most definitely on Wally's shit list.

As for me? Me and Wally are tight! Remember he said "despite certain differences of opinion, it is gratifying to be able to put on record that Dick Stout is a decent bloke. Your health Sir". So der ya go! May even get a Christmas card this year....



Oh hell, since we are talking about these two yahoos, might as well bring up another older item....

While I have always known they were trolls, I just found out that Wally and Harry were labeled as such by the British Museum . While this honor and declaration took place in 2012, it appears that nothing has changed since....

And last by not least this recent comment on the Cultural Property Observer blog. Wally's reputation and credentials (or lack thereof) are seemingly all over the place. Tsk, tsk, what a shame.



Archaeologist Locates the Real Location of Battle (with metal detector

Metal Man: Stu Auerbach, Kellyco Founder

Staffordshire Hoard Tour Begins

Roman Temple Clues Found


August 16, 2013


Well the prize list continues to grow for the October 21st drawing, and I'd like to thank Ronnie Deghetto & The Gold Digger for the latest contribution...a Teknetics Delta 4000 detector. Also the Coastal Empire History Hunters Association for making available a copy of "Relics of the Coastal Empire (Civil War Years)", a beautiful book fit for any treasure hunter's library.

A lot of folks in the metal detecting community are stepping up and contributing money as well as prizes to help out Ken MacIntyre. Hope you will too. It's a chance to help someone in need and who knows you could win a new metal detector in the process. All prizes will be sent directly from the manufacturer to the winners.

Here's a list of the prizes already committed, and details on how you can get your name entered in the drawing!


  • White's VX3 Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, extra 4x6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of White's Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab X-terra 705 Dual Pack (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TC1X, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)
  • Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector (Retail Value $279.00, compliments of The Gold Digger
  • A canvas print (retail value $200) compliments of Karl Wagner

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers and others. Likewise prizes are continuing to come in.

You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you'll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing will be held on the October 21, 2013 Relic Roundup Show. You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671.

You can also email or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account: If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win. You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by mail send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126, Acworth, Georgia 30101. Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email...If you want your tickets mailed to you be sure to enclosed a self addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise you will be sent photos via email.

You can keep updated on Ken's progress by clicking HERE



Was pleased to see that Allyson Cohen (a.k.a. the Detecting Diva) had a productive & fun day recently. Check out her story "Dave Wise’s Cellar Hole Redemption" here.

Dave Wise and Todd Hiltz have a good thing going with all their colonial cellar hole sites and they work them hard and often. Be sure to check back here as I will share the exact locations of all of them (calm down you two...just busting your chops). Todd has also shared a lot of their adventures on YouTube. Just enter Thiltzy1 in the search area and enjoy. Great job everyone.



Well Bubba sure knows how to stir things up some, and is also very good at bullshitting. I will let you decide. His latest update can be found by clicking on his photo.


August 14, 2013


I think I have finally accepted the fact that I am a retired treasure hunter, detectorist, participant. A utility player? Maybe.... After almost 40 years of swinging a coil, eleven alleged "feel better" pills a day, extreme heat every day and bullshit soil, I have no inclination to take my aches and pains out for a few coins, silver or not.

Detecting has been a big part of my life...more than "anyone" will ever know. It has taken me to places I never dreamed of, and has literally turned my life (and my family's) upside down. What is "real" at this point in my life is that I cannot turn back the clock, nor can I regain my youth. I am 72, and despite my constant pity parties I am happy to be alive. Many of my old friends are not.

I bring all this up because I recently received a couple of emails that caused me some concern. The first was from a youngster. He wanted to know what I was finding, what detector I was using, What tips I could offer, etc.. I responded as best I could but I felt inadequate in that I was not familiar with his detector (one of those that comes with a hundred page owner's manual). Then I received another email from someone whose sole purpose was to chastise me. No I take that back. His sole purpose was to insult me. Apparently I offered nothing new on my blog or website and he suggested I just go away (strangely enough it wasn't Wally or Harry).

Well folks, I am not going away. If for no other reason than to piss off the second guy. I am aware that I have been lax in keeping up with the latest technology, have not gotten out in the field as much as I want to or used to do, have not joined in the many forums or joined a clique, and yes I often ramble on here, frequently pissing off arkies, a few organizations, clubs and individuals. What can I say? That's who I am.

I have never lost that desire to return to the good ole days, and to my old hunting grounds, but that is not going to happen. The days of finding Liberty Seated and Barber coins on a regular basis? Nada! I live where I live, and moving is out of the question (unless you send money or I win the Lotto).

So,if you are looking for "secret", heretofore "unknown" tips and ideas on how to find more, you are in the wrong place. Reread my "introduction" at the top of the page....think you will find that disclaimer there as well. If however you are looking for current or controversial topics, please do check in once in a while. Who knows who John or I will piss of next....

For the record I have gotten out detecting a few times of late, and found a few coins. ....nothing earth shattering and certainly nothing worth taking a photo of...



You've heard me mention this club before. They are a new club, but already doing great things. I hope you will visit their website and check them out. Pay attention to their most recent post and latest endeavor. They are giving a detecting class and it's all part of an agreement with the city that allows them to detect the parks, as well as hold meetings there. I know they are not the first to do something like this, but I suspect there are a lot of clubs out there who haven't given it a thought. To be listed in the city's available and "accepted" classes is pretty cool....



Twelve Year Old Finds 5.16 Carat Diamond

Crossrail Unearths Evidence Humans Lived on Thames in 7,000 BC

Lincolnshire's Only Gold 'Thor's Hammer' Pendant Discovered

Dunbeath Home for Ancient Coin Hoard



Please click on this photo of Ken MacIntrye for an update on his battle with cancer. He can use and would appreciate any and all help in this fight...

You can donate to the "Give Forward Fund" mentioned, or you can contribute (and win a new detector) by donating to the following effort started by a group of concerned detectorists. Click HERE for all the details.


August 12, 2013


Well we are off to the races already with the critiques of the forthcoming TV series Dig Fellas.... before it even airs. Apparently a few of us are clairvoyant?

I am not saying these shows, and those that came before, will be or were all that great in promoting the pastime, but hey it’s a start, and like anything else there are kinks to be worked out and improvements to be made. Who knows. Maybe a few years from now there will be a Treasure Hunting channel, devoted totally to what it is we do (I can already hear you saying, “great...more people getting involved and ruining it for the rest of us”).


When I started detecting back in the mid 70's the only information one could get about the pastime came from other treasure hunters or from magazines I might also add that there were probably two or three detectorists in my area, and you didn’t run into them that often. The internet? Not even in the dictionary.

We also had more options when it came to what to buy. We had White’s, Garrett, Fisher, A.H. Pro, Daytona, Compass, D-Tex, Tesoro, Teknetics, Gardiner, Gold Mountain, C & G Technoloy, Usika, Treasure Hunter (Phantom) and probably a few others I’ve forgotten about. Today, we have fewer companies, but more complex machines, but more info and data available about how to use them.

When I was the Marketing Director at Garrett my orders were simple and very direct. Get our product (and the pastime) out to as many people as you can. In other words, we needed to be more visible to the masses! Of course that was precisely the same goal every other manufacturer had as well, and accomplishing that was not an easy task. I remember well my trips to L.L. Bean in hopes that they would feature one of our detectors in their catlog. I gave them every incentive in the world, but it never happened. We did eventually get into the Sears catalog, but shortly after that the Sears catalog went bye-bye.

The words metal detecting and/or treasure hunting were not household words back then. Most of our dealers were selling detectors part-time out of their basement or garage (will always remember one with a name something like Jack's Roto-Rooter and Metal Detector Sales).


Today manufacturers still want their products to be more visible, more known to the public. It’s still called marketing and we should all be happy to have more people joining our ranks instead of discouraging it. Yes it means more competition, but it also means more acknowledgement and acceptance of the pastime and we absolutely need larger numbers if we are to continue to even have a hobby (something you SHOULD worry about) Yes, a few newcomers will leave unfilled holes. That's nothing new...we have had to deal with that for some time, and will probably have to deal with it on a continual basis.

Today, be happy you have the internet, detecting shows on TV, and zillions of YouTube videos (some good, some bad). You are probably a movie producer yourself with that camera on your head, sharing your adventures with others (who are also doing the very same thing). Nothing wrong with that, and if I were younger I would probably be doing the same thing. Likewise if you are having a problem with your detector there's probably an answer out there at the click of a mouse.

That metal detecting shows on TV are ruining things for the pastime has some validity. American Diggers was the first and absolutely the worst (why the participants ever agreed to participate in that show is beyond me). On the other hand those shows that came after, while not great, were improvements, and I do think that trend will continue. At least I hope so.

Be patient with the new shows. Give them a chance, and cut the participants some slack. I've heard many say these folks would do anything for the money but I don't believe it for a minute. Of course they get paid, but do you really think they are raking in the big money? I doubt it. I think they do it for the experience, the opportunity to hunt terrific sites, the travel and chance to see other parts of the country, and most of all I think they do it for the fun of it. They also have nothing to do with the final product, and to paint them in a bad light is unfair.

Lastly, if you read my blog you know that I have critized these shows, and have not always given them great reviews. I do however appreciate that our pastime is now out there for all to see, and we are no longer that "old man looking for pennies on the beach", and yes, like it or not, that has been the perception for many years. Watch the shows, discuss them, criticize if you must, but try to be a little more civil. Saying nasty things changes absolutely nothing, and come on, you know you would jump at the chance to be one of these shows. Just sayin...



Hope you spread the word about our effort to help Ken MacIntyre, and to tell your detecting friends they can win new detectors in the process. Click HERE to find out more. The prizes are still coming in, and we thank all the donors.



Mourning Ring Returns Home

Local Treasure Hunters Up for the Search

Hawaii's Unexpected Treasure Hunter



I am very humbled to present the following to Harry and Wally. No two individuals have ever been more deserving...Congratulations to you both!


August 10, 2013


Just saw this item on Mike Post's Woodland Detectors Facebook site, and thought I would pass it along. "Dig Fellas" debuts September 4th on the Travel Channel, and features Bill Ladd and Howard Hewitt, two tekkies who have been sharing their videos on YouTube for some time. If you've not had the occasion to watch any here's one to get you started. There's 42 more out there.

I do think detecting shows on television have been improving and will continue to do so with each new show or series. Remember doing tekkie shows is a learning curve for the producers too, and frankly after Spike's "American Diggers" show, the only place to go is up. Good luck "Dig Fellas"....I will be watching September 4th.



Mike Post's Woodland Detector Shop & Museum in Black Mountain, North Carolina, has been growing by leaps and bounds, and just this past week Mike installed a gold sluice. Why? To get families to turn off the TV, enjoy the outdoors and in the process promote metal detecting, prospecting and relic hunting. Mike also offers treasure hunting programs for kids on Saturdays, along with gold and gem hunting classes.

Woodland Detectors is, without a doubt, one of the nicest shops I've seen, and it's loaded with history. If you live closeby or just passing through be sure to stop in and say hello. You can also find out more on Mike's Facebook page.



As you know I have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated. The MacIntyre family is most appreciative, and I am very proud of everyone involved in this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine's Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously. So mark it down folks....on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White's VX3 Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, extra 4x6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of White's Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Dual Pack (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TC1X, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)
  • A canvas print (retail value $200) compliments of Karl Wagner

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers and others. Likewise prizes are continuing to come in.

You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you'll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing will be held on the October 21, 2013 Relic Roundup Show. You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671.

You can also email or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account: If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win. You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by mail send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126, Acworth, Georgia 30101. Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email...If you want your tickets mailed to you be sure to enclosed a self addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise you will be sent photos via email.

You can keep updated on Ken's progress by clicking HERE



Russian Nomad Burial Site

New York City Archaeological Site

Massive Word War II Gold Hoard

Best Metal Detecting Sites in Connecticut




August 8, 2013


Yesterday I shared a 2010 idea of one Nigel Swift (a.k.a. Heritage Harry). It was called the Ethical Metal Detecting Association. I brought it up only because Mr. Swift decided to ressurect from it's deathbed and give it new life (see here). Not sure why? Perhaps he ran out of new anti-tekkie material? If so he should have contacted his "bosum buddy" Warsaw Wally. No shortage of venom there...

Both of these yahoos complain about no one wanting to debate the issues, but when my friend Joe Smith attempted to reply, this was the response...

"To “Joe Smith”…Yet another “but what about archies” posting has no relevance to this issue. Also, please note, we believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit. The world’s archaeologists agree. We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won’t be published. Thanks".

So there you go. They dream up and draw up the Ethical Metal Detecting Association, the Artefact Erosion Counter (which has been proven to be self serving, manufactured and unproven bullshit), and expect everyone to buy into them and when they don't, they are the evil doers. With all due respect Mr. Swift, gimme a break please. I will reenforce your recent post by saying both you and Wally "make me want to throw up".

Save your time and energy folks. Ignore these two individuals (being kind here), don't waste your time trying to respond to their garbage. They live in their own little world and it's unlike ours or for that matter, anyone elses.



A few weeks back John Winter suggested a book I might enjoy. It was titled "The Dig", by John Preston, and published in 2007. It was about an archaeological dig at Sutton Hoo in the year 1939. John said it was a favorite of his, and based on that I ordered it from Amazon at the back breaking price of 1 penny (plus 3.99 postage).

Last night I finished "The Dig" and I must agree with John. It was a great read, and despite my anti-archaeological leanings I found it a real page turner, at times it read like a mystery. Whie it is considered fictional archaeology, it is based on real events. The author, John Preston, is the nephew of Peggy Piggot, one of the participants in the excavation at Sutton Hoo.

If you are interested in reading a good book I highly recommend "The Dig". You can also read John's review by clicking here. Thanks for the recommendation John!



Thank you all for contributing to the Ken MacInyre Effort, and please pass the word along. While I have attempted to contact those clubs that I have websites and emails for, I know there are many more out there that are not aware of our effort. Please pass the information along, and share it with friends, neighbors and co-workers. It's not only a chance to win a metal detector, it's an opportunity to help someone who is about to do battle with cancer. To keep updated on Ken's progress click HERE



Gold Cap Goes on Display

Grizzly Human Trohpies at East Loathian Hill Fort

A Mark Twain Treasure Hunt


August 7, 2013


Please, read John Howland's latest UPDATE in the Malamute Saloon. It's important and just another indication of the battle we are engaged in and one we better not ignore. The pastime is being attacked from many quarters and now they are looking at the ocean floor.... they want it ALL!

I suspect those of you who always take the time to read John's comments will do so again and simply move on and do your own thing. That seems to be the norm anymore, but it's eventually going to come back and bite you in the ass! Maybe not today, maybe not this year, but very soon if we continue our melancholy ways. Then again will we ever have a cohesive, united group powerful enough to stand up to this type of propaganda and overreach? I honestly doubt it.

If you think that I am overstating things, take a look at this proposal being floated in the UK. The implication that the majority of detectorists are unethical is clear (and I too want to throw up). Read it and take heed. It's just one more piece in the subtle but unrelenting effort to shut us down.


If it feels like I am beating you over the head with the following.....GOOD! That's my goal. Take a minute or two, spend a few dollars, maybe win a new detector and and help a family n need. You won't miss it, and they will appreciate it.


As you know I have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated. I am very proud of everyone involved in this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine's Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously. So mark it down folks....on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White's V3X Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, 4x6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of White's Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Duak Pak (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TCI, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)
  • A canvas print (retail value $200) compliments of Karl Wagner

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers and others. Likewise prizes are continuing to come in.

You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you'll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing will be held on the October 21, 2013 Relic Roundup Show. You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671.

You can also email or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account: If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win. You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by mail send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126, Acworth, Georgia 30101. Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email...If you want your tickets mailed to you be sure to enclosed a self addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise you will be sent photos via email.



Thanks as usual to Eddy Current for the updates and articles.

Treasure Hunters Dig up Suburb in Paraguay

Hoard Found in Ancient Garbage Dump

Shipwreck off Welsh Coast

No More Hunting for Spanish Treasure in Florida

Detectorists Search for Evidence

If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to Eddy's updates by click on the following logo.....Thanks as always Eddy!



Just another reminder that I also have a blog site, where you can respond when something is of interest to you. You can do that by clicking on the photo below......

Don't be afraid to share your thoughts, or tell me off when I have something that annoys you. You are always welcome to jump on John Howland there too. That's what a blog is all about, and if you check out some of the replies, I do get taken to task every now and then.


August 5, 2013


Really anxious to get out and hoik a few historically significant and hopefully valuable relics out of the ground, but the weather has been much too HOT. Perhaps I need to consider some nighthawking or better yet sort through those boxes of Anglo Saxon items I have in the garage and put a few up on Ebay. It worries me because if I don't get hoiking soon Warsaw Wally will move on and then what will I do? What will he do? I simply can't afford to disappoint Mr. Congeniality!

I have pretty much refrained from linking to Wally's blog, but I think it's time to give him more exposure. You see the more you read, the more you will understand the man and his motives. I have never, ever read a positive, humorous or non-anti-detecting post on his blog. I kid you not. I challenge you to find one.

I never sought out Wally. He found me about a year a half ago when he discovered my website and decided to attack a photo of a friend of mine. Then of course he had to attack my website and it's "amateurish" layout, my grammar, my spelling and just about anything else he could find. Thus started our glowing friendship...

The storylines are there if you care to plug my name into his search area. I have been told to ignore him, but you see he keeps showing up no matter where I go. Kind of like a mosquito. He is the epitome of a first class troll.

His latest attack on the Detecting Diva is a classic example of how the man can take something so innocuous and turn it into a denunciation of the entire pastime. As much as I hate saying this I would urge you to keep reading his blog. It will be a reminder that there are those out there whose only goal is to shut us down, and put us out of business. I would also advise you against commenting on any of his posts. Allyson gave it a whirl and wound up being insulted further. Warsaw Wally has no limits when it comes to who he will attack or insult (he has even been banned on archaeological forums).

So proceed at your own risk, and be forewarned, he is bat shit crazy and very good at stirring the pot. In the meantime I will attempt to get out and do some hoiking!



Thanks to Jessie Thompson for making me aware of this forthcoming movie. I just want to point out that the detector shown is a White's, and just another reason why I use one.



Just read this ARTICLE and had to laugh. Why? Because it's pure speculation and guesswork, and what do you think would happen if say a treasure hunter made the same claim? Really....think about it? We would be ridiculed and laughed at by the academics forever and ever. I also found this part somewhat amusing....

"But the biblical find was just the latest in a long list of similar claims. For generations, numerous churches have alleged to have a piece of the hallowed wooden cross. The famed 16th-century theologian John Calvin once joked that “if all pieces that could be found were collected together, they would make a big ship-load.”

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I personally found the article to be just so much BS. It always amazes me that archaeologists can get away with such wild ass guesses/theories, but then again they do have degrees (well some do anyway)....



Many thanks to Eddy Current for the following....

Broighter Gold Will Return to Limavady

Bronze & Iron Age Relics Found

Update on the SS Gairsoppa

Devastated Bridge Finds Rings with Metal Detector

Treasure Hunter Returns Wedding Ring



Please click on this photo of Ken MacIntrye for an update on his battle with cancer. He can use and would appreciate any and all help in this fight...

You can donate to the "Give Forward Fund" mentioned, or you can contribute (and win a new detector) by donating to the following effort started by a group of concerned detectorists. Click HERE for all the details.



August 3, 2013


Well, apparently the tekkie police in Poland are out in full force. My mention of Allyson Cohen's photo on the most recent Searcher magazine brought forth this little essay.

The troll extraordinaire just couldn't resist but then we all know he lives and dies for that ultimate tekkie insult. Well he didn't get it here for sure. I would also warn him against messing with Allyson...he may well be the one paying the price. Then again he loves insulting the gals. Brings out his manliness (Hmmm?).

A little over a year ago, Wally actually stated the following on his blog....

"Despite certain differences of opinion, it is gratifying to be able to put on record that Dick Stout is a decent bloke. Your health Sir".

You see I posted a photo of him, and he asked that I take it down because he had been threatened by so many tekkies (hmmm..really?). Being the kind, caring, non-violent person I am, I did take it down, thus his response above.

Well my friends I have had it with his ongoing anti-tekkie BS, and have decided to go back on my word....something I have never done. Here for all the world to see is Mr. Barford's PHOTO. To your health Wally!



If you regularly visit my blog you already know about the caring effort that the Relic Roundup crew is involved in. If not see my last few posts. As we get continue to get more prizes we will add them to the list, and I will continue to remind you of the effort because it's just that important.

I just received an email from Anita Holcombe at American Digger Magazine, which offers the Relic Roundup show, adding two more options for obtaining tickets..

You can email or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account: If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win. You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by USPS send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126, Acworth, Georgia 30101. Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and will either be sent your tickets or sent photos of them via email

Please read HERE for the latest on Ken's situation.


August 2, 2013


Well my friend in Warsaw has been spending a lot of time visiting my blog of late, and while I do appreciate his interest he needs to learn what the term "tongue in cheek" means. You see his "one size fits all" view of us often backfires, as indicated here.

Definiton: tongue-in-cheek (tngn-chk) adj. - Meant or expressed ironically or facetiously.

Aside from this I am also waiting for Wally's contribution to the MacIntyre effort. Certainly he's seen it, and I would think that being an archaeologist he would want to help out an American counterpart. Maybe now that we have listed the detector prizes he will dig deep in that pocket of his and send a few Zlotys? I have a feeling he is lusting after that "Uncle Si" think?



Fight cancer and get a chance at a great prize! A fund raiser has been set in motion by the metal detecting hobby community for Ken MacIntyre, son of Jacksonville archaeologist Lisa MacIntyre. Lisa is one of only a few professional archaeologists who understands and respects what detecting hobbyists can contribute to her profession, and several anonymous entities have come together to raise funds to help in his treatment (the insurance is already maxed out). In order to facilitate this effort, American Digger’s Relic Roundup ( show has been asked to announce that a drawing will be held, with all proceeds going to Ken’s treatment. For each donation of $5, the contributor will receive a ticket for a chance at several outstanding prizes. Although prizes are still being donated, so far the list is:

  • White’s V3X Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, 4x6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of White’s Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Duak Pak (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TCI, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers and others. Likewise prizes are continuing to come in. You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you’ll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing is planned for October 21, 2013, and the winners will be announced on the Relic Roundup show. You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671 or Email



Allyson Cohen, the Detecting Diva is on the cover of the September issue of the Searcher magazine. She also shares another article "Detecting & Camouflage in the magazine. Congratulations Diva!!



Okay it's ole Stouty's picayune time (again)! Yesterday I tried to share the MacIntyre effort with a few clubs and found it difficult. First I admit I need to go through my club list and make corrections and deletions. I will do that today....however, at least half of the sites that did open lacked any method of contact. Come on folks! Put up a "contact us" link with an email address and/or phone.

A couple of the websites blasted me with music, one or two jumped out at me like the designer was determined to use every color crayon in the box, some were just plain confusing and a few hadn't been updated in months.

I am also at a loss to explain why a club today does not have a website. There are free programs out there, and they are not that difficult to use or learn. One example is Wordpress, the program I use for my blog. I pay absolutely nothing, and while it's considered a blogging program, there's no reason you couldn't use it for a club website. A good example is the Wheat State Treasure Hunters.

Forgive me for being so picky but nothing promotes your club or organization better today than a decent looking website. Hopefully you will take my criticism for what it's worth (about a buck, fifty).



Thanks to Regton Ltd. for the following articles....

Halls of the Dead Unearther in England

Roman Skeletons Discovered in Gloucester


August 1, 2013


As you know I have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated. I am very proud of everyone involved in this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine’s Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously. So mark it down folks....on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White’s V3X Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, 4x6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of White’s Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Duak Pak (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TCI, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)

We also have various accessories, free subscriptions to Western & Eastern Treasures, Lost Treasure and American Digger and more....

In the next couple of days we will be working out all the details and will pass them on. Stay tuned!! All proceeds from this event will go directly to Ken and Heather MacIntyre, and for updates on Ken please click HERE.



Thanks to Jessie Thompson and Allyson Cohen (a.k.a. Detecting Diva)for alerting me to this article.

For Metal 'Detectorists,' the Real Find Is a Place to Sweep in Peace

Here's hoping that it's received well, and our current plight understood. Thanks Jessie and Diva...great job!!



I received the following email from my friend Mike Scott at Fisher, and wanted to share it here. Hoping some of you saw the show on CBS this morning...


"My good friend Mike Geiger from Outdoor Outfitters will be on CBS ‘This Morning’ tomorrow morning about 8:30 CST in a feature about a class ring he recovered water hunting and returned to its original owner. I worked with Mike for many years at Outdoor and am proud to call him a friend! He has the biggest heart of ANYONE I know. It will be a good segment for the entire metal detecting industry and show detectorists in an extremely positive light.

Mike isn’t one to seek out publicity and he doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but he agreed to do this to highlight the wonderful aspects of our hobby. The AP picked up the story and it ran like wildfire throughout the country-here is one example;"

High School Ring Returned After 65 Years

Great job Mike Geiger proud to call you a friend!-you are a great ambassador!"

Dig Deep!


Thanks Mike Scott for sharing this and thanks Mike Geiger for helping us are very much appreciated!!



Treasure Map Takes Sisters to Lost Wedding Ring

Treasure-huntersTargeted by Metal Detector Guidelines

Should Museums Ever Sell Off Their Prize Pieces?



Are You Shittin'Me?


July 30, 2013


John Howland just forwarded me an update to the Malamute Saloon, and it concerns a recent BBC show featuring Mike Heyworth, Director of the Council for British Archaeology. Apparently Mr. Heyworth has his sights set on the ever popular rallies that take place on lands belonging to the farming community and is seeking to put a stop to them.

I hope you will take a moment to read John's submission. There a potential parallel to what have become popular events here in the South. To find out more click on the Malamute Saloon banner below...



As I stated in my last update I will continue to post a link here concerning Ken MacIntyre's battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Ken is the son of archaeologist Lisa Hume MacIntyre whom I had the pleasure to debate on two recent Relic Roundup shows. It was shortly this that Ken was diagnosed with Hodgkins. We are all hoping for the best with regards to his recent scans, but whatever the outcome he will still be facing more costly treatment. I hope you will take the time to read about his plight, and donate if you haven't already.

The American Digger Magazine's Relic Roundup will be hosting a future show to help out the MacIntyres, and details should be available soon. I am also proud to say that the manufacturers, magazines and related groups are all responding to this cause. Stay just might be your chance to own that detector you've been lusting after!

In the meantime you can contribute and stay updated on Ken's situation by clicking on his photo here...



Treasure Hunters Dig up History

Missing Keys Hunt Turns up Treasure

Metal Detecting After a Festival

A Coffin Within a Coffin



I have always wondered how and why Warsaw Wally wound up in Poland, but the following article explains everything.... Damn...who knew?

Roll Over Dracula


July 28, 2013


Just want to thank all of you who contributed to the MacIntyre situation. I know they appreciate your generosity. I want to remind you however that Ken's treatment will be costly and the monies collected so far are just a drop in the bucket. As a result I will continue to share the "Give Forward" link here on my blog and website. If you have not contributed or not familiar with the situation please read my post of July 26th....

What Ken and his family are going through is heartbreaking and what the future holds is anyones guess. What is certain is that the bills will continue to come in, and with this disease they can be overwhelming. I hope you will continue to send your prayers, good vibes and thoughts their way.

I also want to say that we are not done helping out Ken, and in the coming weeks we will be holding an event to raise more money, thanks to all the manufacturers, magazines and other related groups. It will be held in conjunction with a forthcoming American Digger Magazine’s Relic Roundup show, and it just might be a chance for you to finally own that detector you’ve been wishing for. Stay tuned….more details to come.

In the meantime you can contribute and stay updated by clicking on this young photo of Ken...



Looks like the Cook County (Illinois) situation is looking better. At least the folks in charge have agreed to sit down and hear the detectorist's point of view. For more please check out the Task Force's website HERE



Have not been out detecting in some time, and for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the heat and humidity. There was a time when it wouldn't have mattered, but that time has passed me by. I find it easy to sweat, even when I am inside with AC. Fay and I are constantly playing the thermostat game, but I am sure you all know it. Wish I new what it was that makes women cold all the time. Hmmm....that didn't come out right did it? In any case, hoping against hope for rain and cooler temps. In the meantime paint me a "wimp".



More to Detecting Than Buried Treasure

Ancient Items Found by Treasure Hunters Across North Wales

Artifacts From 200 Year Old Shipwreck Dock in Galveston

For Beach Scavengers, Storm Washed Away Their Treasures

Milesburg Man Discovers British Coin Dated 1775

Viking Jewelry Unearthed in Denmark



My friend Scott Clark was a recent contributor to a blog titled A Day of Archaeology 2013. Scott is an extremely knowledgeable guy, and as I've said in the past, would be an extremely valuable asset to any of the three national organizations out there. Hope you will take the time to read his article HERE

Scott also has a terrifc blog/website called Detecting US, and if you are smart you will add it to your favorites. Lots of good information.


July 26, 2013


You should all be familiar with archaeologist Lisa MacIntyre, and our recent debates on the Relic Roundup shows. Now I want you to show Lisa what kind of people we really are. Lisa's son, Ken was just diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and will need a great many tests and treatments. I want to share her comments on Facebook here, and hope that we can all come together and help in some way.

"Ken's insurance is maxed out and treatment has not even begun. The PET scan tomorrow is $2000.00. Heather, my daughter-in-law and Ken's wife, has started this fund to try and offset some of what will amount to thousands in medical bills. Ken works part time and is attending school full time while Heather works full time. Neither of them are on any government assistance which means this must all come out of pocket. Any amount would help us keep Ken in treatment and save his life."

If you care to contribute to this cause you can do so by clicking here. So come on everyone, let's show our true colors. Any amount will help. Thank you....


July 25, 2013


Was checking out a detecting page on Facebook, and noticed a photo of someone digging in what appeared to be a front yard. What caught my eye was that he was using a shovel. Now I know a great many of you use these trendy items, and that's fine if you are relic hunting or detecting an unkept area, but in someone's front yard?

Me in dare I?

Understand that I very much appreciate the shovel idea. I am 71, dealing with arthritis, neuropathy, as well as lower back pain, and not having to bend over so much would be a welcome change. Unfortunately I am primarily a coin hunter, and most of the sites I detect demand a lot of careful and deliberate digging, not to mention the outward appearance and impression I need to present. Being seen with a shovel, no matter how small, would probably not garner me a lot of respect.

I am also amazed at the cost of these short handled shovels. A few that I looked at were in the $100 range, and I couldn't help thinking how many coins I would have to dig just to recoup that amount. Then again I guess it's like any other pastime where cost is just an incidental compared to the pleasure one derives.

It wasn't too long ago I thought I was moving on up to the big time when I went from a screwdriver to a Lesche digger, but I am now the ancient mariner. No shovel, no knee pads, no pinpointer, no GPS and no camera (and yes, believe it or not, I used to walk a mile to school).

While writing this I remembered an old Western & Eastern cover photo from 1992 (photo by Pete Yavner), and remember getting chastised by other hunters because I was shown holding a shovel. I was accused of giving the pastime a black eye....I kid you not (never mind that Pete and I were hunting for a coin cache at an old, overgrown homesite at the request of a family). How laughable is that now....



Just read John Winter's latest post "Neil Oliver – Scotland’s Roving Ambassador" and really enjoyed it. Given the recent dialogue I had with Lisa MacIntyre, Mr. Oliver adds additional hope that the battle between the archaeologist and detectorist might someday be a thing of the past. The interview is a shortened version of an article published in The Searcher in 2008. Hope you will take a moment to read it. It's a good one.

Thanks John.....Mr. Oliver is another breath of fresh air.



An old friend suddenly appeared from out of the blue. Joe Grasso, an old friend from North Jersey contacted me to tell me about a new website he has. Joe describes it as follows ...

"It specializes in the buying, selling & trading of used detecting gear. I started it purely out of frustration, after having a heck of a darned time trying to find an older 1021 CZ-3D. I signed up to auction sites, forums, etc., all to no avail. I finally tracked one down...after 3 months! Hopefully, this website will save this headache for other detectorists...and in the process, save them money, too. Buying used is smart, especially in this economy."

"The website is currently 100% advertiser free, and I hope to keep it that way in the future. No spin, no brand proselytizing, and no manufacturer bias. This 'business' is purely a labor of effort to make horse trading for other treasure hunters a bit easier, after becoming frustratred with my own buying, selling & trading through the years".

I can personally relate to this, having just found an old 6000di Series2 hipmount....

Be sure to check out Joe's new website at TREASURECLASSIFIEDS.COM

Joe has been detecting now for almost 25 years, and is a damn good coin hunter. Thanks Joe for sharing this, and please stay in touch....



Anglo Saxon Headstone Found In Garage

Viking Treasure Comes to Isles

Fort Tell of Spain's Early Ambitions

South Shropshire Ring Declared Treasure



Received a couple of updates from Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. the Detecting Diva, and suggest your check them out. The Cook County, Illinois situation is the most important at this time. We all need to take a few minutes and contact the folks there to express our concerns. You can find the contact information by going to Allyson’s WEBSITE. Thanks for the heads up Diva!



July 23, 2013

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

I want to thank Butch Holcombe of American Digger magazine, Jeff Lubbert, co-host of their Relic Roundup show, and archaeologist Lisa Hume MacIntyre for a fun couple of hours. The two shows were informative and a step forward in what has been an ongoing battle within our two communities. Thank you also to all who tuned in, called in, sharing your thoughts and opinions. If only interactions like this could take place on a larger scale and on a regular basis.....

Lisa MacIntyre is a breath of fresh air as archaeologists go in that she makes an attempt to understand our take on things, and she offers hope that newer archaeological grads will be similiar in their thought process. At least lets hope so.

So what next? Where do we go from here? Will there be more discussions between the two factions? Who will take the iniative to make it happen? I have no answers. Hopefully someone does....



John Howland added an update to the Malamute Saloon, and I hope you will take a moment or two to read it. As you know John's contributions usually relate to what's happening in the UK and today's is rather thought provoking. Sure to raise a few hackles amongst the trolls. Then again it doesn't take much..... You can read more by clicking on the Malamute Saloon photo....



Thanks to Eddy Current for much of the following. Be sure to check out Eddy's Facebook site...Metal Detecting News!

Head of Cultural Heritage Protection Arrested for Selling National Treasures

Anthropology Group Objects to Dig Wars

Unique Medieval Harness Found



I have had a few emails from friends asking more about this individual and I shared with them my past dealings. I would urge you all not to respond to his posts. He is baiting you into responding and will only post your comment after he has crafted a nasty followup. His life is spent trolling the internet, looking for anything and everything he can find to cast a shadow on our pastime.

Warsaw Wally claims not to be interested in what we do here in the States, but always finds a way to say something insulting about about our great country. Then again he claims to be a British archaeologist (though no one can find any credentials) living in Poland. Hmmm..wonder why? I can also share instances where those in his own community have barred him on their forums.

So proceed with caution and be aware of his motives. He's one sorry and sad SOB.


July 21, 2013


Just a reminder that Lisa MacIntyre and I will be once again be doing the "tekkie vs. arkie" thing on American Digger Magazine's Relic Roundup Show, and I hope you will tune in. Likewise please call in if you have questions for either of us. Last Monday's show was a good one....a lot of important issues were brought up, discussed and I was pleased with the give and take. Hope you will be listening tomorrow night, 9pm EST.



Got an email from my friend Mark Ellis telling me about one of his recent jobs....that of finding someone's gold teeth! To read more click here. Mark has found a way to turn his pastime into a sideline business and he has done well with it. Thanks for the heads up Mark.



Top Archaeologist Held Over Artifacts Smuggling

Scotland Coining in On the Treasure Trail

Gold Viking Ingot Discovered by Amateur Treasure Hunter

Coin Hoard on Display

Explorers Raise the Bar...1,574 Silver Ones



In the past I have posted links to my blog updates on a few of the many detecting forums out there. I no longer do that.....way too many hassles and annoyances. If you wish to receive an email when I do post, click on the photo below and enter your email address where it says "Follow blog via email"...bottom of left column. Thanks....


July 19, 2013


Well by now I am sure you all know that Mr. Barford refused the invitation to appear on the Relic Roundup show (Relic Roundabout to Wally). Not surprised however. It was expected. Apparently he can stay up to 3am to LISTEN to "Relic Roundabout" but can't stay up to TALK on RELIC ROUNDUP. Such is the life of a troll....

If you're interested in his response you can read it under "comments" here. Hopefully you will be able to get through all the double talk and "roundabout" answers. I find his use of this word rather comical since it's what they call traffic circles in the UK. If you are unfamiliar with the area you will often have to go around and around to find your exit. Hmmm......?

I think without a doubt the following comment pretty much sums up his purpose...

"Instead of talking TO metal detectorists, it seems to me more productive these days to address the issues ABOUT them".


Incidentally Butch has sinced responded to his "comments" but apparently Wally did not care to share that (as least not as of this update). I will....

“Sadly, Mr. Bradford, given the tone of your remarks, we see no reason to comment after this on any post by you. We (hosts Butch Holcombe and Jeff Lubbert - not "Mr. Relicroundup" as you addressed your comment to) do very well with moderating our shows and have had guests representing both camps. We will offer nothing beyond having you on as a guest. That invitation is open, but we'll go no farther in our efforts to let you share your concerns to an audience far beyond your personal blog. It is regretful that you will not use this opportunity to enlighten our listeners on your beliefs, but that is your decision. Meanwhile, we'll push forward in our drive to get relic hunters and archaeologists working towards a more common goal than petty arguing.


Butch, Jeff, and the Relic Roundup team”


Butch, Jeff, your effort to bring in Mr. Barford was noble. Unfortunately to him we will always be thugwits (damn I kinda like that name)!



Guess who else wanted to share his two cents? The man from the Malamute Saloon, who else. Paul Barford's best friend! John's take on anything is never very subtle, and this update is no different. Click HERE.



Read the Description Please

Coil & Diggers Club of Lane County

Florida Metal Detector Fanatics Fight Laws


July 18, 2013


Butch Holcombe, publisher of the American Digger magazine, responding to my post of yesterday (blog), invited Paul Barford, from the Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues blog, to be a guest on Relic Roundup. He inadvertently used the "Wally" name, and Mr. Barford took offense. As a result Butch emailed me and asked that I share the following...

Dear Mr. Barford,

First, our apologies in not addressing you by your proper name. Our staff assumed that "Wally" was your real name after seeing numerous references to it, and we admit the blunder. The invitation to appear on our show is sincere. Both relic hunters and archaeologists listen to the Relic Roundup show, and we would encourage you to share your views with a wider audience in a manner which permits one-on-one feedback, ie, a call-in show. Please send your reply directly to We are making this invitation public and will also do so with your response. We anxiously await your reply.

Kindest Regards,
The Relic Roundup Team



This is a video that John Winter sent me, and given the debates with Lisa MacIntyre, it seems appropriate to share it here. It is from the UK's Time Team TV series and aired in 2008. It is almost 50 minutes long, but well worth your time.



While debating Lisa MacIntyre Monday night I started off my questioning by reciting Sec. 191.001.from the Antiquities Code of Texas. It reads as follows..

DECLARATION OF PUBLIC POLICY. It is the public policy and in the public interest of the State of Texas to locate, protect, and preserve all sites, objects, buildings, pre-twentieth century shipwrecks, and locations of historical, archeological, educational, or scientific interest, including but not limited to prehistoric and historical American Indian or aboriginal campsites, dwellings, and habitation sites, archeological sites of every character, treasure imbedded in the earth, sunken or abandoned ships and wrecks of the sea or any part of their contents, maps, records, documents, books, artifacts, and implements of culture in any way related to the inhabitants, pre-history, history, natural history, government, or culture in, on, or under any of the land in the State of Texas, including the tidelands, submerged land, and the bed of the sea within the jurisdiction of the State of Texas.

What do you think? Did they miss anything? Who do you think was responsible for writing this? As a taxpayer I have no clue what I have a right to do when it comes to metal detecting here in Texas. Yes I do it, but am I breaking the law each time I go out?



Well it finally happened! Miracles of all miracles....RAIN! Saturday and Sunday were decent wet days, and the the last three gave up a sprinkle or two here and there. Hoping a couple of local spots might be ready for some digging, but with this soil it's anyone's guess. The new/old 6000di is sitting here staring at me, beggin for work and I just might take her out for a spin....



Just a reminder that Lisa MacIntyre and I will be continuing our debate this coming Monday night on the American Digger Magazine's Relic Roundup show, starting at 9PM est.. While I have more questions to ask Lisa, I suspect you may have some too. If so please tune in and call in. The dialogue has been cordial and respectful and I am sure it will continue to be (who knows, maybe Wally will even call in).


July 18, 2013


Apparently the Monday night debate on Relic Roundup didn't please a certain someone in Warsaw (surprise of surprises). He has now decided that Lisa MacIntyre is on his hit list, and has responded with his usual vitriolic remarks. Please do read them here. It's important for you to see what sort of people are out there looking to put a lid on what we do.

After you are done read his remarks please read this recent article. Kind of puts things in perspective.



Well, unlike our pal in Warsaw, John Howland did not stay up until 3AM, instead opting to listen to the podcast the next day (after sobering up). I always find his contributions amusing, and his review today is no exception. Do yourself a favor and read it by clicking HERE.



With my recent debate with Lisa MacIntyre half over (we meet again next weekl), I find myself thinking about how we stand today with regards not only to the archaeological community but our own as well.

A recent post of mine resulted in a few comments that indicated a wide divide amongst that just perhaps might not ever be narrowed. The comments, the parties, the history of it all, the back biting, do not help our cause. All it does is divide us and ignores the elephant in the room ...


July 16, 2013


Had a lot of fun last night doing battle with Lisa Hume MacIntrye and want to thank Butch Holcombe from American Digger Magazine for the invite and the platform. I think it was good show, with a lot back and forth, as well as give and take. If only there were more Lisa's out there....

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

The show was so popular we even had Warsaw Wally up at 3AM listening in. I can't tell you how much this pleased me. We all appreciate his interest in what we are doing over here (even though it's none of his damn busness). I suspect however that if it were not for his deep seated hatred of our country he would have been fast asleep (dreaming of nasty thugwits no doubt). If you are interested in reading his glowing review of the show click here. Lisa, Butch and I thank you Wally, and just want to say "bless your little ole heart" (and little ole brain too)!

Because of the number of callers, and because we both had more questions to ask, we will be doing Relic Roundup again next week. Hope you will all tune in. Thank you Lisa for being a good sport in all were certainly outnumbered. Be careful next week just might wind up becoming a thugwit, like it or not!

If you were not able to listen in last night and want to hear the show it's easy.....just click HERE.



Treasure Dig Organiser Does Not Have a Valid Claim

Tiny Coin of Huge Historical Importance

Coin Pendant Found by Metal Detector

School Principle Turns Hobby Into a Business

High Tech Radar Search for Time Capsule

Rare Viking Ring on Display

Roman Coin Hoard Found at Festival Site

Head of 'Geordie Roman God' Found In Rubbish Dump



July 12, 2013


By now you surely know that I will on the American Digger Magazine's Relic Roundup this coming Monday night. I will be debating someone who I have a lot of respect for, yet someone who is not totally familiar with what it is we do. That someone is archaeologist Lisa Hume MacIntyre, from Jacksonville, Florida. If you do a search for her name above, you will find posts and comments about or from her over the past few months..

I actually like Lisa (did I really say that?) because she "tries" to understand us. She is a breath of fresh air amongst the old school, "our degree is what counts", archaeologists that we typically deal with. I have no idea where things will go during this hour long session, but hopefully we can tackle a few contentious areas, and come up with ways to improve the tekkie and the arkie relationship. I must say however that I am not optimistic.

Now here's where I am going piss off a few people amongst our ranks. If there's ever going to be a meeting of the minds between the tekkie and arkie factions, it will necessitate a very strong organization that represents us all, and as I've said in the past, I do not see that happening unless it's a manufacturer supported and funded, full time group with salaried officers and/or employees.

While the Task Force has made great strides of late (actually hiring attorneys), we still need something more. Meeting once every couple of weeks to take a vote or come to a consensus on something doesn't cut it. Sometimes decisions need to made quickly and actions already taken need to be followed up on and pushed along. I would also like to see more frequent updates so that members can keep abreast of problem areas, as well phone numbers for the officers.

I am hopeful that the proposed meeting at the FMDAC get-together in October actually takes place, and that all the interested parties sit down, put aside their egos & differences, and find a way to come together (okay, now shoot off those nasty emails and comments..... I am used to them).


Hope you will take the time to listen in and call in Monday night. Remember however the topic is "Tekkie vs. Arkie".....



There's been an update on the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights website concerning the situation with the parks in New York city, as well as the one in Cook County, Illinois. Hope you will take the time to read it. Thank you Allyson Cohen!


July 10, 2013

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Well as you all know I am taking on an archaeologist next Monday on the American Digger Magazine's Relic Roundup show. Lisa Hume MacIntyre, from Jacksonville, Florida and I will be airing out our differences. The show starts at 9PM EST. Hope you will tune in, and more importantly call in with your thoughts and concerns. I intend to try and keep things civil but that is entirely up to Lisa. We shall see.

I was listening in to Monday's Relic Roundup and could believe the promo Butch Holcombe put together for next Monday...he definitely has too much time on his hands! Click on the American Digger logo and give it a listen....



More Medieval Artifacts At Richard III Dig Site

4000 Year Old Pyramid Torn Down

Civil War Soldiers & Food

Baseball Recovered From Civil War Battlefield



Well after yesterday's post about the mob meeting in Atlantic City I am taking heat. I should have known better....

Ronnie DeGhetto (or Ronnie the Digger) has promised to get even for my comments, I had to change a few words to make a couple people happy (and keep me healthy), and I had to tweak a photo or two to make people look better. Too compound all this I stupidly made the mistake of calling Dave McMahon's radio show last night. What the hell was I thinking?

Dave McMahon

Now this cast of characters (usual suspects) are pushing me to be in Chicago next year. Well maybe pushing is too kind a word. How about threatening!! When "Chicago Ron" and "Ronnie the digger" say "you will show up" it means I better be there. What to do, what to do, what to do.....? No way I can't keep with these guys at my age....

Maybe I could show up detect for a few minutes, then sit in a beach chair and watch? Maybe I could just join them for the drinking part? Better yet, maybe I could entertain Gretchen while Ron and the rest are playing in the sand?

Well at least I have a few months to figure all this out....sometimes I am so damn stupid!


July 9, 2013


Chicago Ron, a.k.a. Ron Guinazzo, was in Atlantic City for the long 4th of July weekend, and it was for an impromptu weekend of detecting, thanks to Dave McMahon of the Detecting Lifestyle. Ron was of course accompanied by Gretchen, his good looking detecting partner. Damn, some guys...

According to Dave, "the event was the idea of myself, Dennis O'Connor and Ron himself. We wanted to have a "gathering" not an event. No corporate crapola, no contest, just a bunch of like minded, passionate about the hobby people, to get together and detect. No seeded beach, blah, blah, blah... just all of us enjoying detecting, talking and getting to meet face to face. Ronnie DeGhetto, of the Gold Digger did give us a few handouts and support."

Ron & Gretchen
Gretchen, Dave & Ron

They decided to call this impromptu gathering "Detect-A-Palooza" and also decided to do it again next year in Chicago. I love the's hoping it stays casual and unencumbered by corporate interests. Kind of a "For Detectorists, by Detectorists"!

A Chicago/Jersey "mob" meeting" maybe?

Couple of last minute brainfarts.....

I an totally envious of Chicago Ron, his beautiful girlfriend, his aura, etc., and gave serious thought to trying to imitate him, but eventually gave up. I just didn't think "Dallas Dick" would work too well, not to mention someone Googling the name. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Lastly, Ronnie get rid of the wave sounds on your website....annoying as hell. Then change your last name please. DeGhetto? Come on about using your street name, "Ronnie the Digger"? Just sayin....

Hey just kidding Ronnie, really. No offense. Love you man. Just busting your chops. You understand, don't you? Don't make any calls....please?


Be sure to check out Daves Detecting Lifestyle Radio Call in Show. Lots of info, BS, and more.



Well, Warsaw Wally, a.k.a., Paul Barford has a book titled The Early Slavs. It came out in 2001, and never made the New York Times best seller list, but was on the list of "those you might read if you were sentenced to life in prison". Anyway before you rush out and waste half a hundred, you should read the Malamute Saloon review, and who better to share his thoughts on this over priced tome than John Howland.

As you know John and Wally get along swimmingly, and just in case you didn't know, they are actually related, though a little ways back as generations go. John's forebearers orignated in a bog somewhere in Scotland, while Wallys came from a cesspool in Moscow. Anyway, if you are interested in Bubba's take on Wally's epic novel HERE.



I was saddened to read that Della Ruth Huntley, a long time member of the Indian Territory Treasure Hunters Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had passed away. Della Ruth and her husband Bill were avid TH'ers for over 40 years, very active in their club, familiar faces at many of the events in the Southwest, and always willing to lend a helping hand. She will be missed. RIP Della Ruth Huntley......

Bob Podhrasky, Della Ruth & I, Treasure Expo 1988


July 7, 2013


Having been involved in this pastime since the 70's, I've been privileged to meet a lot of great people. When I think of good times, especially the crazy times, I see Gary Bischke, Fred Brust and Herb Dunn. Three neat people who happened to be just a little bit off kilter....

Fred 1987
Herb 1987
Gary 1987

I met all three during the formative years of the FMDAC, and got to know them better when I was Director of Marketing for Garrett in the late 80's. Gary and his wife Arlynn were the owners of Outdoor Outfitters in Wisconsin, Fred, the National Treasure Hunters League in Tempe, Arizona, and Herb was the owner of Heartland Detectors in Des Moines, Iowa. This infamous trio were three of Garrett's best distributors and when some event, any event, brought them together, all hell broke loose. I like to think I can drink with the best of them, but these guys abused the privilege and were in a league of their own.


Before going on I need to mention that Gary and his wife Arlynn both passed away in 1998. Gary from a heart attack, and Arlynn from cancer. That they left us in the same year is ironic, but somehow appropriate in that they were very much alike, both very avid water hunters, best friends and inseparable. (Outdoor Outfitters continues today and is still a premier distributor for many lines).


One of the all time greatest events, get-togethers, was Treasure Expo, in Fremont, Nebraksa, hosted by Paul Tainter of Exanimo and later Research Unlimited. Treasure Expo started in 1982 and brought together just about anybody and everybody involved in the pastime. Now you have to understand that Fremont, Nebraska is not a large town, with a population of just a little over 20,000 and if you wanted to congregate in a bar, you went to the only one around....."Boomer's" a topless bar (and that's an overly kind description).

Boomers was one of those places where you'd often tell the gals to put their clothes back on, and you'd sometimes actually look the other way and talk about business. Enter Gary, Fred and Herb, and the situation changed dramatically. If I remember right the chorus would be "oh shit, they're here". Within minutes you'd wind up with at least five or six bottles of beer, in front of you, a girl dancing on your table, and just possibly someone looking to punch you in the mouth, all courtesy of Gary, Fred or Herb. One night Gary was in serious negotiations with the owner bar for the services of the entire troupe of dancers for a party in his motel room after the place closed. Fortunately the deal fell through, though not for a lack of money. Gary always had a roll of bills, and spent them freely.


The building that once housed Boomer's is now a Furniture rental store! Wonder if they sell "lap dance" chairs?


The first year I was with Garrett, Fay & I attended the FMDAC Atlantic City Treasure Weekend (first time as a manufacturer/exhibitor), and I will never forget checking into my room at the hotel. No sooner had we put down our suitcases, there was a knock on the door. When I opened it I saw two porters with carts, one with buckets of beer and three bottles of scotch, the other with hors d'oeuvres. (couldn't begin to calculate the cost...). The card on the cart said, "Welcome Dick & Fay, Gary/Outdoor Outfitters". After ten minutes, another knock. Guess who? Yep, Gary. All this and only an hour or two before the banquet in the evening. I then begin to think about how I'd go about finding another job after blowing my first trip with Charles & Eleanor Garrett.

A year or so later Jack Lowry and I traveled to a few towns in the midwest and gave seminars to Gary's dealers and customers. Gary did the driving, and Gary stopped at every watering hole along the way, picking up the tab at each. Was a blurry week to say the least. Have a feeling a few of those seminars would have given Charles fits if he only knew. The week ended on a depressing note...I left an unopened bottle of Chivis Regal 12 year old Scotch in a motel room. Best damn tip I ever left a maid. Cried all the way to the airport.

I have tried locating Fred and Herb but have had no luck. Fred eventually took a job with Fisher as Director of it's Consumer Sales in the hobby area, but after the company moved it's headquarters from California to Texas, Fred left and best I can tell, is either in Alaska or New Mexico. I did find this recent photo of Fred & and his grandson on the Detector Prospector site, taken in 2002.

Herb Dunn has also seemingly disappeared, but if any of the three were to prove illusive it would be Herb. Herb had that shy look, that quiet demeanor, and ALWAYS a big shit-eating grin on his face....had you wondering what he was thinking or what he was up to (a master at playing the innocent role). Last I heard, Herb was living in Indianola, Iowa.

If any of you out there know Herb Dunn's, or Fred Brust's whereabouts, tell them to get in touch with me. If you happen to know them personally or are related, my condolences....



As for me and my detecting.....take a LOOK! If I had lived my younger years here I would have never, ever thought of buying a metal detector.


July 6, 2013


A week from this coming Monday, July 15th, I am privileged to be a guest on the American Digger magazine's Relic Roundup Show, along with Lisa Hume MacIntyre, archaeologist from Jacksonville, Florida. We will be debating (maybe even fighting) the ongoing, age old "we vs. them" problems, and if you have something you'd like addressed, email me, comment on my blog or better yet, listen in and call in to the show. To do that simply scroll down the American Digger Magazine page to the Relic Roundup link, and click. Next click on the green arrow on the right side of your screen and you are in business. If you add your name or a screen name, you will also be included in the chat room that goes on during the show.

I have a lot of respect for Lisa, and I hope this show will go smoothly, but who knows. Even Butch Holcombe, publisher of American Digger, said "if there were more people like Dick Stout....God help us". I think that was a compliment? Right Butch?



Allyson Cohen, a.k.a., Detecting Diva also does the newsletter for the Nor'Easters Metal Detecting Club and here's their July edition. Great job Allyson....hope they are paying you well.

Also be on the lookout for her forthcoming article in the Searcher magazine, published in the UK...



A big thank you goes out to the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs for once again making the trek to the Lions Camp for Kids, in Kerrville. As they've done for the past 18 years they shared two days of their time in order to make a lot of children happy. During this special event those attending the camp learn about the metal detecting pastime, and most importantly acutally get to use one. With the help of club members they are able to search for and find foreign coins, toy cars and pieces of inexpensive jewelry.

According to Keith Wills...."it was another weekend of fun and making new friends. Words can not express the happiness seen on both the kids and counselors faces. If you have never gone to Kerrville to help us with this event you have missed something very special. We want to thank the large turnout of members from the San Antonio club, as well as all those across the country who sent us their foreign coins. I also want to thank Troy & Linda Galloway and the Austin Metal Detecting Club for each donating 10 pounds of coins for this year's event".

From me and everyone involved in the pastime.....thank you TAMDC for continuing this very special program. A special thank you as well to Garrett Metal Detectors for the donation of Garrett Aces for this event.



Was sifting through a few of my older posts and found this one from December of last year. Given the possibility of a sit down meeting this fall between the different national factions, I thought it might be worth sharing again. Time will tell....


Got thinking about my being a guest on the Relic Roundup the other night, and realized that I had a lot of notes, some scribbled, some neatly printed, that never got addressed. No fault of the program for sure. Just the result of only an hour show, call-ins, commercials and a glitch here and there. There are, in my mind, so many issues that need to be addressed, discussed, and dealt with, and I wonder if they will ever be....

For whatever reason our hobby is always in a state of flux. Always a fuzzy picture of who we are collectively, and seemingly a group of people who endorse the "every man for himself" theory. We seem to find ways to shoot ourselves in the foot when it matters most, and then move on, waiting for the next opportunity to do it again. Our main concern seems to be outdoing the competition, and stopping at nothing to accomplish that, never mind the public's view of how we do it.

While I have no idea of how many of us there are in the country, I do think we are a large enough group to affect changes when needed IF we had some functional, professional group to represent us, and IF we weren't a group of selfish, penny-pinching individuals. If you take offense at being called cheap, sorry. It's true. You will spend your hard earned cash to purchase a top of the line detector, a digging tool, a sand scoop, or a camera to wear on your head, but if asked to contribute $50 a year to promote, protect and preserve the pastime, you turn a deaf ear..

Spend some time on the many hobby related websites and forums. Take note of which topics garner the most responses. Very few, if any, deal with areas being closed to detecting, or similar efforts that threaten the future of our pastime. I know it's not a fun thing to "chat" about, but that's where a national organization would come in. Right now we "supposedly" have the FMDAC, the TASK FORCE, WWATS, and hell, let's throw in the PLP, and the GPA.

Maybe it's time for all of them to sit down, join forces under a single banner, and speak as one.....

Right now we seem to be more concerned with tomorrow's hunt, tomorrow's finds, and tomorrow's new product, unaware that the other side is actively working hard to put all of us out of business. Will we make the necessary changes, or will just be a group of people who metal detect, and who only care about what WE find, not what our fellow detectorists are facing or fighting.



July 4, 2013


Well Heritage Harry suddenly loves the United States, or to be precise, the state of Michigan. Harry has been quiet of late, and I wondered when he would get back on the Warsaw trolley, and lo and behold! Orders from Poland I suspect.

No doubt Harry was trolling, Googling words like looter, pot robber, and came across this article from the Petoskey News, a Northern Michigan newspaper. As a result he now loves the entire United States of America, and wishes us a happy 4th of July. What a guy. Thanks Harry....might have been nice if you just wished us a happy 4th, without the link?

As you probably already know, Wally and Harry are, and have been for some time, royally pissed about the success of the Portable Antiquies Scheme, and in the process constantly berate their own Council for British Archaeology (probably the reason they are considered outcasts and illegitimate among their peers). You see the thought that someone with a metal detector might actually uncover historically significant finds keeps them awake at night, and that he might actually get paid for it drives them nuts (short trip).

Oh well, lives goes on and these two will continue their crusade against those of us who hoik (love that word) things out the ground, pull tabs, bottle caps and all....



Mysterious 'Mold Gold Cape' returns to Wales

Man Finds Civil War Cannonball in Yard

Search for Buried Time Capsule

Medieval Find Sold at Auction

Fenn's Gold Still Out There

Ring Find on First Outing

Isle of Man Viking Silver Declared Treasure Trove



Watched the 5th episode and once again it was fair to middling. One complaint however....whoever does the choreography needs to either improve on it or leave it out. The dance scenes were terrible.



Today, July 4th, would have been Mom and Dad's 77th anniversary, and there's not a day goes by that I don't think of them. How I wish I could go back and spend more time with them. If your parents are still living treasure the moment and let them know how much you love them, before it's too late.

Early photo of my Mom and Dad...
I call it the Bonnie & Clyde photo


July 2, 2013


It was back in October of 2010 that I first mentioned a website called Metal Detecting Hobby Talk, or as it's now known, MDHTalk. Lee Wiese is the genius behind this "informative" site, and if you are interested in knowing more about Lee click HERE.

Lee Wiese

I mention Lee's site because in his latest update he penned a great article titled "Is Recreational Metal Detecting on the Endangered List", and I urge you to read it. It is well done, and pretty much sums up our current status, and what we need to do to improve it.

Heres hoping as well that the FMDAC, Task Force and WWATS officers read the "National Metal Detecting Association" portion, and give serious thought to creating just such a group. It's more important now then ever before....

Lee, many, many thanks for your work over the years and for offering MDHTalk. It's the best in my book, and I urge all of you to subscribe and receive MDHTalk updates as they come out.



After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, New York archaeologists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, a California archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story in the LA Times read, “California archaeologists findings of 200-year-old copper wire: They have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers.”

One week later, a local newspaper in Louisiana reported the following: “After digging as deep as 30 feet in his pasture near Carencro, Louisiana, Boudreaux, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Boudreaux has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Louisiana had already gone wireless.”



A reminder that Lisa Hume MacIntyre, archaeologist from Jacksonville, Florida, and I will be on the American Digger magazine's Relic Roundup Show, July 15, from 9 to 10pm, EST.. Hope you will tune in, call in and enjoy the show. I have no idea how it will go...depends on how testy she gets. I am certain she is working on a slew of questions to fire at me, and most certainly a few witty, wise crack comebacks to mine.

Lisa, if you are reading this, be prepared, or be sorry. Just a warning.....

Lisa Hume MacIntyre



If you care to receive emails notices when I post updates to my Blog, please sign up in the left column, where it says "Follow Blog Via Email". I mention this again because I will no longer be posting them to the metal detecting forums. Hope you will choose to sign up.....



The 4th of July is one of those holidays that makes us realize just how lucky we are to be living in the United States of America. A place where, despite your political differences, your religion, your nationality, your wealth, you can stand up and say what is on your mind without fear of recrimination. As simple as that may sound there are millions of people around the world who do not have the same privilege, so while indulging yourself this weekend remember our troops stationed abroad who are fighting those who wish to take that right away....

Lastly, eat some BBQ, a burger, a hot dog, drink a beer (a glass of red for me), enjoy the fireworks, and when your wife is not looking, sneak out and go detecting..... Happy Holiday!

One last reminder.....


June 30, 2013


Detectorists are alive and well on the forums, chiming in with their nitpicking, fault finding, green with envy, critiques of the new "Dig Wars" TV show. Thought I would share a few.....


"Yes just what I expected, bunch of bs. yet another bunch of sell outs just for a moment of fame. hope them guys are all proud of themselves for ruining our hobby even more....."

"After watching the first five minutes I will probably sell all of my detector gear. There will be no places left to detect after shows like this get more and more places off limits due to new people in the hobby thinking they will be rich. I'm done!"

"Continued embarrassment to the hobby and makes me ashamed to tell people it's something I do because I don't want to be someone who is thought of as acting like a childish fool. To me these shows are to detecting what tv wrestling is to MMA. One is real in every sense and the other is pure garbage. And it's NOT a friendly prank if one "team" tosses pennies to *slow down* the other "team"! IT'S CHEATING!"

"If someone tried that on ME... he'd end up WEARING his own #$%!! detector wrapped around his SKULL!"

"Not impressed. Not good for your image Ron...."

"This show is a disgrace to our hobby...."

"They know what our hobby is up against and they sold us out for profit. What a shame..."

"this show is so retarded i think it will stop people from buying detectors"

"They'll look like fools on tv for a paycheck and even join in the same type of activities that mock detecting from the idiots of society. If I didn't detect and seen that show I would think it was probably the dumbest hobby ever and done by a bunch of clowns who apparently never grew up..."

"I did not see it, but as soon as I heard about it, knew it would not be good for the hobby..."

"Bunch of a$$ hats!!"


Well, what do you think? Well stated, accurate assessments? Do you agree with them? Make you proud to be a treasure hunter? Personally, I think they do more damage to our pastime than any TV show, not to mention they're all great talking points and ammunition for the archaeological community.

When I reviewed the first two episodes of Dig Wars I just called it "okay". I think there's a lot of room for improvement but I am willing to give it time and see if it happens. Do I think the producers read and care about our opinions? Yes I do, and I think the folks that are on the show will do what they can to make better as time goes on. Right now it's the first year, first set of shows and I doubt they had any input into the final product.

My questions is....why can't we show our displeasure with something like "Dig Wars" without resorting to impugning the character of those in the cast. Do they do it for money? Of course they do. Do they do it for the fun of it? Of course they do. Do they like the idea of being able to detect well known historical sites? Of course they do. Would you like to trade places with them? Of course you would!

When I read comments like those above, I shake my head. Apparently those who put them out there think they are the consummate detectorist/treasure hunter/TV pundit/reviewer, all wrapped up in one, and as such say whatever comes to mind, no matter the cause and effect...

Yes I know I will now be under the gun for posting this, but it's okay. You see I have the right to voice my opinions too. To the cast of Dig Wars....don't let the naysayers get you down.

"There is never jealousy where there is not strong regard"....Washington Irving.


Hmmm....received this in the mail yesterday, and I have a feeling someone, perhaps someone in Florida, is responsible....

Lisa, not funny at all!



Received an email from Keith Wills, vice-president of the WWATS organization, and it read "Attached, is a letter from the San Antonio Club president....Please Read! The attachment is as follows....

June 24. 2013

Betty Bueche’, Director of Facilities and Parks
Bexar County Facilities and Parks Department
101 West Nueva, Suite 930
San Antonio, TX 78205

Dear Ms. Bueche’,

We wish to extend our sincere thanks for taking the time to meet with us today. The members of our Team, Tom & Peggy Rifleman, Don Bowker and Jocelyn Ronan, who was unable to attend, as well as the Woolums appreciate the courtesy with which we were treated as representatives for the San Antonio Area Metal Detector Club. In our post meeting discussions we all agreed that you and Tim Nevil were engaged and receptive to our presentation of the many positive aspects of our “hobby”.

For our part, you gave us a much better understanding of the fine line you must walk in making your decision concerning the future of metal detecting in County Parks. We understand with the discovery of prehistoric structures in Mission County Park you had to err on the side of caution and close all the parks at least for a time. Since you explained that the County Parks were, for the most part, created prior to the 1969 Antiquities Code of Texas and therefore had no archeological surveys performed your course of action is clearer to us. The surprising information was that it is the County’s position that metal detecting in County Parks was never an allowed activity although not clearly prohibited on the website rules, addressed in anyway but positively by law enforcement encounters and has been openly a Club activity for many years.

Moving forward from our meeting, we appreciate your willingness to develop a new policy allowing recreational metal detecting by permit in those County Parks where historic preservation is not an issue and present it to the Commissioners Court. We also agree that part of the permit process should be proof of some form of training and are willing to work with Bexar County to help facilitate this. We agree you will never stop all “rouge” hunting but working with a group that is trained and maintains a Code of Ethics will help insure those permitted will protect and preserve our County Park assets for future generations.

Again, we truly appreciate your time in meeting with us and your willingness to really listen to our presentation of the many positive aspects of our Club. We look forward to hearing from yourself or Tim regarding the progress of your Policy development and ultimate presentation to Commissioners Court. We would like to be involved and help in any way we can to facilitate the process and appreciate you letting us know the date and time of the Commissioners Court Meeting.

Best Regards,
James F. Woolums, President
Linda M. Woolums, Secretary
San Antonio Area Metal Detectors Club

Cc: SAAMDC Officers and Action Committee

Here's hoping the Task Force, FMDAC and WWATS can assist here....please check their websites for more information, and do not send off any letters or emails to the Parks Department without their input.


June 28, 2013


To show you how out of touch I am with things, I just learned a few days ago that this year marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. In fact the actual anniversary dates of July 1 thru July 3rd are almost upon us. During those three days in 1863, the Union & Confederate forces fought feircely, and after the fighting stopped there were 51,000 dead. I've been to Gettysburg, have detected in the area, and have always been fascinated by this historic battle, and how this Sesquicentennial event escaped me is beyond me (CSR syndrome).

Actually Gettysburg was about as close as I ever came to serous relic hunting, and that was thanks to a member of the Pen Mar Historical Association whose name I cannot remember (see...CRS again). His farm was believed to be the site of a hastily set up field hospital, and somewhere in my collection are a few bullets with what are thought to be teeth marks on them, the result of the medical units having run out of pain killing, anesthetics. (Cholorform was the most often used I believe). One can only imagine the pain and suffering that the wounded endured during this era....

Adding to my embarrassment I have never read any books on this battle despite my searches there, and it's proximity to my home in New Jersey. I toured the battleground, visited all the museums there, but never turned a page.....until this past week. I asked Butch Holcombe (as in American Digger Magazine) for a recommendation and he suggested Michael Shaara's "Killer Angels", a book I was familiar with having worked 20 years for Borders Books & Music. It was a perennial best seller, but one that had somehow escaped my long list of "must read" titles. While "Killer Angels" is a novel, it is widely considered one of the best books ever written about this historic battle.

I started reading Michael Shaara's "Killer Angels" three nights ago, and it is indeed a great read. Thanks for the recommendation Butch.

To mention Gettysburg and not mention Don Hicks, at Gettysburg Electronics would be wrong. Don is an old friend, and has been selling detectors for the past 41 years. He is also a veritable vault of information when it comes to this epic battle. He recently emailed, and said that over the next two weeks there will be 10,000 reenactors present, and the town is expecting over 250,000 visitors. Do me a favor and if you are ever in that neck of the woods stop in at Gettysburg Electronics, and tell him Dick Stout said hi..



I recently saw this article posted by Eddy Current, and wanted to give my good friend Mike Post a plug. Mike has just reopened Woodland Detector Sales (& Museum) in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and his new shop is a beauty.

Meeting the American Pickers


Woodland Metal Detector
Sales & Museum
Inside the Woodland Detector Shop

Be sure to check out Mike's website HERE


Had a couple of emails asking if I was fnding anything great. The answer is NO. Haven't been out for a couple of weeks, and unless things change dramatically I probably won't be for a while. I will not and do not hunt when temps are in the high 90's. Yesterday's high was 105 and we just might see a cold front come through Sunday, meaning the temps will hit the mid 90's. Add in the lousy, stinking, woeful, horrid, miserable, dreadful and infamous black gumbo soil, and Mr.Stout will be inside cooling his heels, with a glass of Merlot. Just call me "Wimpy".



Thanks again to Eddy Current for the following......

Woman's Hobby Leads to Detecting

Valuable Ring Found on First Outing

5,000 Year Old Artifacts on Show at Museum

A reminder again that if you are on Facebook, and you want to keep up with the all the lastest in treasure news, check out Eddy Currents can find it by clicking on the logo below...


June 27, 2013


I watched the fourth episode of Dig Wars last night, and have a few comments and suggestions (so what else is new huh?)....

First, the editing on this particular show really really baffled me. Why was Ron the only one getting rained on (was not a sprinkle either)? Maybe I missed something but it was just an obvious "night & day", or in this case, "wet & dry" situation

Second, is the shop owner, a.k.a, the appraiser, really the shop owner? If so, he might need to have his own show.....he's one funny guy, and hell if they have Pawn Stars, why not have Relic Shop Stars? Might be an opportunity for all the relic hunting/wannabee TV stars to get their fifteen minutes of fame (and while I am having these brainfarts, how about a Beach Detecting show?).

Next, I would like to see the finds cleaned up and displayed in some fashion at the end of the show. From what I've seen so far, most all are mud covered, unrecognizable items. And how great would it be if the show ended up with the cast, cleaned up (sans camo), sharing a beer or two, talking about their day. You know....the winner buying rounds, etc..(now that would fit my idea of reality)

All in all I like the show, and I think it has the potentital to get better, especially if it's renewed for another season. A lot of the minor glitches could and would be worked out, and just maybe those producing it would take to heart the many suggestions offered by the detecting fraternity.

While I have pretty much sworn off metal detecting forums, the comments about Dig Wars are usually critical, with a few way over the top. It's one thing to not like a show, but to insult and degrade the effort is just wrong. Folks, it's a TV show about metal detecting, and it's purpose is to entertain EVERYONE, not just you.

I have to laugh as well at the "they are hunting sites no one else has access to" and "it's all about the money thing", or "no one takes their finds to an appraiser" comments (usually from the same people who say no one would want to watch a group of tekkies digging pulltabs and junk).

I am also amazed too at the number of detectorists who suddenly say they were offered TV shows but turned them down because they would do more harm than good. Who knew? To think we could have been watching detecting shows hours on end. So many martyrs among us!!

Maybe I am wrong, but I have a feeling a few of us do get items appraised (especially beach hunters), and I know for a fact that a few of us sell an item or two here and there (I have and not embarrassed to say so) . I also suspect the harshest critics of Dig Wars would have jumped at the chance to be on it. Just sayin.....



Think most of you are familiar with the Scoville Scale and how it relates to the varying degrees of heat in chile peppers. Well, I have now come up with the Stout Scale, and it's function is to help me decide when to go detecting. It goes like this:

80 degrees........yep!

85 degrees........Possibly!

90 degrees........Will think about it!

95 degrees........Nope!

100 degrees.......Hell No!

Tomorrows predicted temperature? 105 degrees, and that requies a "are you shittin me"?



Just a reminder that Lisa Hume MacIntyre and I will be having a shootout July 15th on the Relic Roundup Show, produced by American Digger magazine. Should prove interesting, and given the time we both have to prepare, it could get a little testy. Hate to argue with or berate a lady, but she is an arkie and hey, that changes things!



Treasure Hunters Dig Up Live Shell

Sutton Hoo: Anglo Saxon Ship Burial

Shipwreck Gold Found Off South Carolina Coast

Found Ring Declared Treasure

Iron Age Coins Found by Detectorist


June 25, 2013


Received an email from Mark Schuessler, president of the FMDAC, and in it he mentioned that he has sent out inviations to all the metal detector manufacturers, magazine publishers, as well as the Task Force, and WWATS groups. The purpose of the invitations? To have them participate in a sit down, face to face meeting, and hopefully a coming together of forces for the betterment of the pastime. This proposed meeting would take place during their 2013 convention.

I and many others have suggested such a meeting for years, and I thank Mark for attempting to make it happen. Here's hoping the response is good, and that the varied interest groups understand the good that can come from it. I see no down side to this at all....



I suspect most of you reading my blog have no clue who Joe Cook was but one year ago Thursday Joe Cook, a good friend, and a dedicated and caring treasure hunter, passed away. Joe took over the presidency of the FMDAC when I moved on to work at Garrett and took the group to new heights, creating and developing regional chapters, something I was unable to do during my term. He was also responsible for moving the yearly convention around the country instead of holding it in Atlantic City. I could go on and on, but I will simply share the following link to a post from June of last year. To read click HERE.

Joe I will never forget all the good times and I will never forget you. RIP....



On Friday of this week Mary Hand, secretary to Alan Holcombe, corporate manager at White's, will retire. I have known Mary for some time now, and she is without a doubt something akin to a saint. Besides all of her corporate duties, she has been the creative genius behind all of my books, correcting my errors, doing the layout and design, all the while putting up with my frequent emails, phone calls and tantrums. I will miss her greatly and wish her well in her retirement. She will be hard to replace and I know Alan agrees.

Mary, congratulations, have fun and please stay in touch, if for no other reason than to keep me on the straight narrow! Lastly, have one (or two) for me!


June 24, 2013


If you are an AT Pro user and want to know more about it's performance on the beach, be sure to read John's latest Malamute Saloon post. He lives minutes from the Bournemouth coast and is a regular there (usually to eyeball the young nubile gals, have a chug at the Goat & Trycycle pub and sometimes to detect).

As you would expect, he bombards me with stories about his forays to the beach, always referencing these bikini clad young ladies but alas I cannot repeat them here. Besides it's all fiction and wishful me (I also chat with his wife Margaret)!

In any case if you are interested in his latest tips on the AT Pro, and his ongoing love affair with Wally & Harry, click HERE.



Had an email from Larry Bateham (a.k.a. Packrat), who if you remember was battling cancer. Well, not only is he in the clear now, he is out detecting and kicking butt at all the various hunts in the Northwest. Larry said:

"Had another hunt Fathers day weekend and did pretty well (over $600 total). About $100 in new coins a roll of silver dimes, 17 silver quarters, 4 silver halves, 2 silver dollars, a silver round, misc prizes and a new detector. Also had my one year checkup Monday and everything is looking good!

Great news Larry, and that was indeed a great weekend. Have a feeling they might start banning you from organized hunts. Just sayin...For those of you who aren't familiar with Packrat HERE. and if youlike to email Larry write to



Currently in the process of verifying the club website links I share here, and I am amazed at how many have disappeared and at how many clubs still do not have one. I say this because there are quite a few programs out there that you can use that cost absolutely nothing. One is Wordpress, the one I use for my blog, and it is not all that difficult to learn. You might want t check it out. Having a website saves you money as in not having to mail out newsletters, and is a great way to garner new members.



Got my old 6000di Series 2 ready to go, but I need some help from Mother Nature. Doesn't look like it will come anytime soon. Yeah, I am a wimp. I will not go out and look for a Roosie or Merc in this weather



In the past I have posted links to my updates on a few of the many detecting forums out there. Today I have decided to discontinue doing it....just way too many hassles and annoyances. Hope you will add your email address to my blog for updates.

To sign up, click on the photo below, and add your email address where it says "Follow blog via email"...bottom of left column.


June 22, 2013


I almost skipped over the most recent update from Warsaw, but then noticed the highlighted paragraphs at the end. This man, without a doubt, is paranoid, obsessed and in need of treatment. He's what I call, excuse my language, "bat shit crazy"....

In recent years we have been called looters, thieves, pot robbers and vandals, and I suspect there will be new labels coming soon. You see everything we hoik (Wally's word) out of the ground apparently is worthy of display in the Smithsonian and now they want our junk. You know, those unidentifiable, jagged and sometimes dangerous, crushed and mutilated pieces of crap.

Amazingly (as in rabbit out of a hat) Wally somehow found a way to seque from an interesting article titled "Virginia to Preserve Pocahontas Home" to an attack on us for selling our junk....apparently the following paragraph in the Pocahontas article was the connection....?

"more than a dozen copper scraps at the longhouse site, ones that chemically match European trade items used by Jamestown's colonists and also found at that site [...] Only chiefs controlled copper at the time. Its red color was ritually significant in their mythology,"

Hmm, makes perfect sense to me? I can see why that brought on a need to troll metal detecting forums looking for something to tie us to Pocahontas? The connection he came up with? Are you ready for this? Here it comes....SCRAP METAL!! Damn, holy cow, knock me over....what a travesty! What next? This unsavory practice needs to be looked into.

If you think I am making too much of this I am sorry. Paul Barford not only hates detectorists, he hates the United States with a passion, and for him to insert himself into our pastime, our affairs and our lives is obnoxious.

Wally, mind your own damn business and while you are at it, consider getting a job.



Joe Jorgensen, president of the East Coast Research & Discovery Association was the 100th TH'er to sign up for my blog updates, and as a result is receiving a copy each of my books. Thanks and congratulations Joe...appreciate it.



Thanks as usual to Eddy Current for the following....

Urban Treasure Hunters Scan Logan's Sidewalk Paths

Cannons Recovered from Blackbeard Shipwreck

The Eberswalde Hoard

Treasue Hunting on Grove Street


June 19, 2013


Well, I watched the latest episode of Dig Wars last night, and thought it was "okay". Not all that exciting, but at the same not all that bad either. They were hunting an area near the Antietam battlefield (on private property) and on a very cold and somewhat snowy day. Apparently that's what happens when you need to put together a show quickly without the luxury of waiting for decent weather. That just my guess however....

I still wish the show were an hour long. Thirty minutes just doesn't allow the viewer to really undersetand the nuances of what it is we do, and when you add in the commercials, the "typical and tired" pawn shop evaluations, the "ha ha gotcha" funnies, it's over. I do very much like the map use and the brief history given about the site they are searching, but more emphasis needs to be on the "private property" theme. It was obvious to all us tekkies (thank you Wally) but the non-participant probably didn't pick up on it.

The cast of Dig Wars, photo courtesy of Ron Guinazzo

Dig Wars is not a bad show, and at least goes through the motions of doing what is right. I also understand the need for the drama (damn look at this...cue commercial break), and the funny (or corny if you prefer) moments. I am on board with the show, and will continue to watch. Hopefully somewhere down the road it will find a way to please those of us who just like to bitch about everything (my personna according to my wife).....



Well the Stout Standards blog just hit the 100 mark with regards to signed up followers. Jorgensen555 if you will send me your name and address I will send off a copy of each of my books. You can use the "Contact Me" link above. Thank you all for signing up...I appreciate it.



Well apparently John and I have rattled Warsaw Wally's cage and he is pissed....nothing new of course. I have not known him to ever be in a good mood about anything. Love the following comment in his response.....

"Ah, so that's it. The beer. According to the tekkies' limited world-view, it is not the fact that hoiking archaeological evidence out of the ground is damaging a precious non-renewable resource, they are having none of that. They think we are just spoil-sports like the ones that no doubt victimised them at school and obviously they feel this is continuing into their adult lives, the perpetual victims that they see themselves as. This is followed by a revenge-fantasy about the demise of proper archaeology"...

This is of course in response to my post of June 17th, "Just What is their Objective", where I said....

"You see, the archaeological community resents the fact that we don’t need grant money to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, the joy of the search, the treasure we might come home with, the beer or two we might have afterward, and the fun we always have no matter how our day turns out. Yep, we’re a threat to our historical heritage…"

Note that he targeted the word the "beer". A subtle reference that indeed we are all drunks, sods, wino's, hard drinkers and not fit to be part of the human race, or at least his very small world. We even hoik (to lift something up wildly) archaeological evidence out of the ground and drool. How vile we are? The alternative of course is that we could just let it stay buried in the ground until hell freezes over....

Wally, do yourself a favor. Go out and buy some beer. Relax, chill out, listen to some soothing music and tie one on. There are millions of people out there who have fun once in a while and some even use metal detectors.



Archaeologists Unearth Major Find

Unique Gold Figurine Found in Denmark

Minnesota Couple Finds Meteorite

Gettysburg Today


June 19, 2013


I received an update from John Howland today, and hope you will take the time to read it in its entirety. I met John back in the early 80's when he was an officer of the National Council for Metal Detecting, and very instrumental in it's formation and acceptance. I remember vague references to the story he shares here, and his recanting helps bring it back into focus. It's an intruiging story to say the least, and I think it's important for you to read it (take special note of the last two paragraphs).

Enjoy and digest by clicking HERE.



I received the following email from Lisa MacIntyre today, regarding the Relic Roundup show of July 15th. How presumptuous and uppity! Oh well, I guess it's to be expected. After all she's an arkie. They don't know any better.

My reply was short and sweet. ROFLMAO!!!!


"Hi Dick,

First, I want to thank you for agreeing to our match-up. The Arkie vs Tekie show ought to be quite interesting to say the least. You with a metal detector in your hand, and me with a trowel in mine, what could possibly go wrong? And we are all aware of your fondness of "us arkies", so the love should be palpable. Second, I admire your tenacity, and dare I say, braveness? Going up against an arkie? On a live radio show no less. But I have confidence that I can ruffle your feathers and score one for the team. In all honesty, and all jesting aside, this is a fantastic opportunity and I deeply appreciate you putting aside (temporarily?) your disdain for my discipline and agreeing to co-star along side me. I greatly admire and respect you, your ethics, and your ideas.

My plan is now in motion! :)



Lisa, my friend, surely you jest? MY plan has "been" in motion for years.....



Forgive me for finding the following hilarious. I admit I am old school, and don't get the camouglage thing (need to be more macho I guess), but jeezus, what's next....face paint? I watched the "Duck Dynasty" show once, and felt embarrassed after doing so. know, I know, I know.... you all love it. Well continue on and enjoy it. I will pass, thank you....

Commander Metal Detector

As for the Commander metal detector? They forgot the camo on the rod! (Leave it to the folks at Kellyco....)



June 15, 2013


The more I keep the blog and website going the more I tune in to Beavis & Butthead, a.k.a, Warsaw Wally and Heritage Harry. I do so because I need to keep up with their scheme (a.k.a. BS), and more importantly, I am at the point in my life where I need a lot of laughs. No better place than the Warsaw Wally and Heritage Harry blogs.

If you are interested in knowing more about my connection with these two dingdongs, plug in my name in their search areas. You will find that I have become a favorite target of theirs, and honestly I am quite honored. While you are at it, be sure to check out all the comments they receive (as in nada) in response to their attacks. Not surprising however because after a while you get tired of reading their constant "whiney ass, piss and moan, woe is me, the tekkies are ruining the world" gibberish.

While the archaeologists here in the US aren't quite in their class (as in bat shit crazy), they are however at work behind the scenes, doing all they can to limit our pastime. It's a subtle effort, not an in your face movement. Just a ban, regulation, statute or permit here, a program or bill there, and ongoing reminders to local, state and government officials that we shouldn't be trusted.


Think about it. Those of us who metal detect (or as they call us.."tekkies) are pretty much just 'regular Joes', looking to spend our all too rare, spare time, searching for coins, a relic or two, a ring on the beach, or a speck of gold here and there. Visit their blogs and websites however and you would think we are the 800 lb. gorilla, hell bent on destroying everything in sight. Are our metal detectors that powerful that we can strike fear into these people, or are they just that hellbent on taking us down? Think you and I know the answer to that.

You see, the archaeological community resents the fact that we don't need grant money to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, the joy of the search, the treasure we might come home with, the beer or two we might have afterward, and the fun we always have no matter how our day turns out. Yep, a threat to our historical heritage....

I know I am breaking this down in the simplest of terms, but isn't that really how it should be? What is complicated about what we do, and why are so many upset about it? Geez, I mean, come on folks. Think about it, please.....

The PAS in the UK has pretty much proven it's worth, and has caused the archaeological community to go on the offensive, trying to discredit it, when in fact the majority of people living there support the program and are enamored of it. Of course people like Warsaw Wally and Heritage Harry will try to tell you otherwise, but then they have nothing else to do.....literally. Those in control of their livelihood are slowly but surely cutting their monies because they see the light of day. Spending thousands and even millions on an archaeological project is not money well spent in today's economy, and the bottom line is that we put the finds and the facts out there faster for free.

Let them cry. Let them piss and moan, and let them try to discredit our pastime. Anyone possessing common sense understands what we do, how we do it, and just how baseless and odorous their efforts are.



Gary Killmer sent me the following article from the New York Times, and had to share it here. The couple featured certainly have a clever sideline business, but note the charge at the bottom. Hmmm, just a little doubtful about it, but then again I am envious if true....

The Booty That Lies Beneath



Still waiting for that 100th person to sign up for email updates. Getting close, but so far no cigars. Of course I understand that my offer of one each of my books might be turning you off, and if so, that's understandable. If, however, you have not heard about them and would like to have them simply sign up bottom left where it says "follow blog via email". I will send one each (4 total) to the 100th inividual to add their email address.



Treasure Hunters Dig up Live Shell

State College Class Ring Returned

Quest to Find History of Medal

Couple Who find 400 Year Old Body Forced to Pay $5,000

Discovery of the Dowth Causeway

Ancient Relic Used as Doorstop

A reminder again that if you want to keep up with the lastest news in all things treasure check out Eddy Currents can find it by click on the logo below...



Eddy Current also shared this video on Facebook, and suggested it was how TV shows ought to represent our pastime, and I couldn't agree more. Check it out...well done and informative. Congratulations Dirt Fishin....



A reminder that Lisa Hume MacIntyre and I will be facing off in an American Digger Relic Roundup show, July 15th. Hope you will tune in for this "Tekkie vs. Arkie" duel. Should be fun. I am getting my stuff (polite word) together for this evening....


June 15, 2013


I was amazed at the number of hits I received when I posted my impressions of "Dig Wars" day for the blog ever. Don't know why, but I am guessing it has to do with the interest and/or popularity of the show, and many of those checking in wanted to see how my views compared to theirs. In any case I would say it's a show that has a chance to continue on. Only time (and ratings) will tell.

I got thinking about Dig Wars, and how lucky we are to even be talking about treasure hunting shows on TV, good, bad or indifferent. Years ago it would have been unimaginable. I do believe however that if we did have such shows, say in the 70's or 80's, they would have been spellbinding, extremely entertaining and legitimately funny.

Imagine if you will a TV series with the likes of Karl von Mueller, Richard Ray, Abe Lincoln, Glenn Carson, Hardrock Hendricks or Charles Garrett....all in search of the Lost Dutchman mine or some other legendary treasure. What a show that would be!. Just the thought of listening to Richard & KvM talking treasure has me smiling.

Richard Ray & Abe Lincoln,
(early Treasure Expo)
Hardrock Hendricks

Detectorists today are more advantaged thanks in part to the technology available to them, but no one knew more about the actual "search" then the pioneers, like those mentioned above. They had a way of looking at things in the simplest of terms, using logic and common sense, and they litereally lived treasure hunting to the fullest, a few becoming vagabonds in the process. They were and are characters, the likes of which we will probably never see again, and in my eyes, real treasure hunters.

I know for sure I have left out a few other TH'ers who fit into this legendary category and I apologize....


Newly Discovered Map of the War of 1812

More Staffordshire Hoard News

Husband in Big Trouble

Finder's Talk at Bexhill Museum over Roman Coin Hoard

Search for Fort Caroline Goes On

Leeds Detectorist Finds Charm



Just want to wish all you Dads out there a Happy Father's Day, and hope this Sunday is a special one. I lost my Dad back in 2001, and think of him every day.

Dad, not to worry. I will be sure to have that beer for you.... I Love you....


June 13, 2013


The Cast...

My first question is why do all of the so called "reality shows" wind up in pawn shops? Dig Wars, like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars became just another in the long line....

Overall the show was not bad, but I would have liked it better if it:

  1. Didn't begin with with words like "millions" and a "150 thousand", etc..

  2. Explained the purpose or plot of the show in the beginning (i.e., this is a competition hunt between three pairs of hunters, etc.)

  3. Told more about the participants. How were they chosen, where they were from, their backgrounds (for instance, the fact that Ron is a fireman in Chicago would have been a nice touch)

  4. Were not so obviously scripted (their enthusiasm and instant historical knowledge of what they found was not natural nor typical)

  5. The audio was better synched...detector sounds often did not match the video (yeah I know I am being picky)

  6. Explained to the viewer that the places they were hunting were NOT usually available to the average detectorist

  7. Did not play down the danger of an unexploded ordnance

  8. Did not exaggerate the value of the finds..

  9. Were an hour long and allowed for more detailed explanation of what the participants see and hear while detecting (i.e., why they dig this and not that, etc.)

Now, having said all this, "Dig Wars" is certainly a notch above the other treasure hunting shows I've seen, and for the record I've stopped watching those a long time ago. I will continue to watch Dig Wars, and hope that it get's better, although I doubt it will, given that it's entertainment and not really "reality". I think this show would have been much better if it were longer, and gave the viewer a better of idea of what metal detecting is really all about, and I think that it can be done without taking away any entertainment value.

I am not sure that metal detecting TV shows will ever represent the whole of what we do, but at least they are getting better with each new endeavor, and who amongst us old timers would have ever dreamed that we would even be talking about this?



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To sign up, click on the photo below, and add your email address where it says "Follow blog via email"...bottom of left column.



Have agreed to be on the American Digger magazine's Relic Roundup July 15th for a "Tekkie vs. Arkie" faceoff with Lisa Hume MacIntyre. I like Lisa a great deal, but we have our differences, and this show should prove interesting. Mark it on your calendar. Should be fun!

To learn more about, or to subscribe to American Digger, click on their logo below. A great magazine!



Well every treasure hunter's friend in Warsaw is upset and whining. Apparently he does not like to be called names. You see it's okay for him to insult and degrage others via snide remarks but out and out name calling is rude? See his latest tirade here.

I am proud to say that my blog is now in the company of Peter Tompa's Cultural Property Observer, in that Wally has now adopted a "Houghton/Howland" principle...a testament to our ability to get under his skin. Wally, cheer up....things could be a helluv lot worse! You could live next door to Heritage Harry!




June 11, 2013


Thanks to Brian Mayer for recommending "Bag Balm".... I think?

In a recent post on his popular Jersey Shore Beach & Surf Hunter's Facebook page, Brian said....

"And now that a lot of us will be hunting the shallow surf.... I think it's a good idea to share a product that has saved me and some others here (they know who they are). A painful yet common condition that occurs when friction and wet shorts come in contact with the skin especially in those tender spots.... Yes I'll just say's CHAFING !!

I have been using this product for years and it works and it works great !! Its called Bag Balm.... And when applied to those Vulnerable areas BEFORE you go out on the beach it will prevent a very painful and awkward walk back to the car.... Bag Balm is available at most chain pharmacies I buy mine at CVS !!"

So not being familiar with this product I Googled it, and after reading the company's history I was pretty sure I'd rather have chapped thighs or a red hot pair....

"It all started in 1899. John L. Norris bought the formula for Bag Balm®—a salve created to soften cow udders—that worked extremely well" (for the record you can also buy it in feed stores and pet shops).

Thanks so much for sharing Brian. Think I will pass. Hell I am already bowl-legged!



Be sure to read John Howland's latest contribution to the Malamute Saloon. It concerns the opening of The Mary Rose Museum, May 30th, as well as the controversy (and mystery) surrounding it. As are most of John's articles it's very well written and worthy of your time....

Of course John also takes a pot shot at his UK friend "Heritage Harry" (so what else is new?). To read all this simply click HERE.



Hoard Hunters Unearth Mysteries of Thame Treasure

Treasure Hunters Flock Solomon Islands in Search of Lost Gold

Archaeologists to Recover Eight Cannons from Blackbeard's Ship


I case you're wondering how my detecting is going, take a look at THIS!! Should explain my situation instantly!


June 10, 2013


Okay, after all the fun and games I have decided to take Eddy Current & Butch Holcome's advice and use my real name on any and all forums. I am in the process of doing that now (although it appears that some administrators have made that difficult).

So now whenever I post something that annoys (and I somehow always do), all you habitual forum fanatics can beat me up and get your pound of flesh. I have a feeling that won't take long. Also, if you visit a forum and there's no Dick Stout (or Barnum) you can feel pretty certain I have either been banned or left for the good of my sanity.



No, Chicago Ron didn't ask me to post this reminder. Just have a feeling that this show will be different from the current detecting comedies out there. At least I am hoping so. First show is Wednesday night on the Travel Channel, at 10pm, Eastern time. Keeping my fingers crossed Ron. You know I will be brutally honest with my personal review.



Thanks to Eddy Current for most of the following...

Novice Unearths Roman Treasure

Archaeologist Unearth Remains of 18th Century Maine Fort

Archaeologists Probe Mystery Structure

Shipwreck Gold

Auction of Rare US Coins Found In French Farmhouse

Derby Archaeologists Dig for Roman Fort



Found the following video on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing here. It came to my attention when Brian Mayer, a member of the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club posted it, but I later found that it was first shared on YouTube by Gerry McMullen, owner of Gerry's Detectors. Gerry said the detectorist in the video is Ryan Jamison, "his video guy" and that he was the finder, and responsible for the ring return. Thanks Ryan, nice job....



Okay, now that I got your attention....check out the latest post on the John Winter blog. Interesting, unique, funny and who would have "thunk" it? Leave it to the Brits!



Lastly I am thinking about changing the background color on my woeful website to white. I have done that here on the Latest News page, and would love to get your feedback. If I don't hear any complaints I may go ahead and change it. Then again I may not.....just something I am thinking about (always dangerous).


June 6, 2013


Still trying to come up with a unique name in order to be cool on the forums out there. I am at a disadvantage now with the basic "Barnum" in that it's much too simple, not catchy nor descriptive enough. I am still leaning toward "Needabeer", but have a few more to think about. Here's a few more I came up with....

2old4dis, Mannytabs, MustBnuts, Ymidoindis, Oldigger, Imgreedy, DidIpay4gas, 2old4tabs, Overdahill, DownNout & MedicareDick.

Had a few others come to mind, but couldn't share them here (any other first name but Dick would have worked). Oh well....stay tuned.



As I am typing this it's raining outside, the end result of a thunder storm or two that passed through early this morning, and something that's always welcome here, no matter the time of year. I had thought we had a decent amount of rain this spring, but apparently not since we are now on stage 3 water restrictions, meaning you can only water your landscape once a week and on a designated day. I looked at a bare area of ground to the side of the house, and saw the telltale signs of what is to come.....wide cracks and deep crevices.

Won't ramble on about living in Texas. Suffice to say it's a day to day adventure, and hardly ever a fun one (See Wally, I too can piss and moan..)



From time to time I check in on the Cultural Property Observer, Peter Tompa's excellent blog...mainly to see the back and forth between he and Warsaw Wally. Yep, he is not only a pain in the ass to we detectorists, but to collectors and numismatists as well. Today Tompa questioned Wally's collection of Japanese wood block prints ,and whether or not they were obtained legally. The following comments really made my day....

From Arthur.....

"Peter, give the guy a break. He's known broadly for what he is, a small person of little distinction who compensates with a blog that screams "Look at me! O please look at me! See how important I am!" Its all very humorous. He will never respond with a listing of the illicit cultural property he's bought, and you can expect him to try to nip at your heels. There are more important things afoot than to pay attention to undistinguished people in such great need of attention".

From Alexander, regarding archaeologists who collect......

"Peter, you should know that one of archaeology's dark secrets is the number of those in the discipline who collect ancient artifacts. Renfrew is no exception -- thare are many who take joy in collecting and who, if revealed, would have their reputation damaged or, worse, lose their jobs. But they do it anyway".

Hmm, seems Warsaw Wally has been found out!!


June 4, 2013


Two days ago I posted a short blurb ("Woe is Me") about Nigel Swift's Heritage Action/Journal, and his fear and obsession with a particular detector model. After I uploaded it the following comment was added to his story (by Swiftie himself of course)....

"We believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit. The world's archaeologists agree. We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won't be published. Thanks."

So, if you had any doubt as to the purpose of his blog, or that of his co-conspirator in Warsaw, this should clear things up. They hate detectorists with a passion, and while they use the term "regulate", they want nothing more than to put us out of business, period!

People like Swiftie and Warsaw Wally hate the fact that we are able to make meaningful discoveries (as in the Staffordshire Hoard), without their help (or meddling if you prefer), and continue to do so. Likewise the PAS gets under their crawl...imagine, a program designed to help the metal detector user declare, record and share his finds, and in the process receive a just and equitable reward. Woe is me!!



Just finished reading the Searcher article about Allyson Cohen, on her Detecting Diva blog. A great article and I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read it. It's an insight into what the gals have to deal with when they get involved in the treasure hunting pastime. Congratulations Allyson...!


FRANK LAUTENBERG (January 23, 1924 – June 3, 2013)

Frank Lautenberg, state Senator from New Jersey, passed away early yesterday, at the age of 89....

Back in the mid-80's when I was involved with the FMDAC I sent letters out to a few congressional members, expressing my concern about a proposed bill that was being considered in a Senate committee (I cannot remember the name of the bill, nor what it covered, but it was detrimental to the pastime). In any case about a week later I received a phone call from Senator Frank Lautenberg (a member of the committee). He had my letter in front of him, and wanted to ask me a few questions. Needless to say I was floored!

We chatted for about fifteen minutes, and he thanked me for my letter, my input and my concerns. He also promised to keep me updated on the progess of this particular bill as it went through the various legislative channels.

About three weeks later I received a letter from his office, telling me that the bill in question was probably not going to leave committee. The letter started with "Dear Dick", and was signed "Frank". Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Senator Lautenberg's secretary. She wanted me to know that the bill in question was indeed not acted on, and Senator Lautenberg wanted to thank me for my input.

As to the other congressmen I wrote letters to? No response, nothing, nada....

Frank, RIP my friend. You were one of a kind and the real deal!!


Afghanistan Treasure Faces Destruction

Boy Finds $10,000 in Hotel Room

Sapphire Ring Fit for Royalty


June 2, 2013


Please do read the latest post from John Howland in the Malamute Saloon (Arkie Caught with Hand in Till). If it doesn't raise your hackles, nothing will. It concerns the arrest and trial of an archaeologist caught stealing items from a dig and then selling them on Ebay. If it were you or I we would be serving jail time. This individual walked away with a slap on the hand.

To read the article from the Daily Mail, and get John's take on it, click HERE.



I am sure you here me mention the name Eddy Current all the time here, and now I want to tell you just who he really is.... Eddy Current (not his real name of course), has a Facebook page on treasure hunting that is chock full of great information. Most all of the interesting news links I share on Stout Standards come from there...

I asked Eddy if he wouldn't mind sharing his real name and a little about himself, and he readily agreed. His response is as follows....

"My name is Edgar, but everyone calls me Eddy, and "Current" is the English equivalent of my surname, "Strom". I am 46 and live in England.

I have been wanting to metal detect ever since I can remember, but didn't get around to buying a machine until about five years ago, and I've been addicted to the hobby ever since!

It was when I joined the detecting forums (asking for a "username") that I came up with my pen name. I wanted something unique and pertinent, yet personal... so out of Edgar Strom I created "Eddy Current".

As I regularly searched the internet for all things detecting, I thought why not contribute to the hobby by sharing my 'web finds' with the metal detecting community. I initially tried sharing the articles on the forums, but wasn't happy with how some of them are moderated, so I began sharing them on my Facebook wall instead. As doing so seemed to be well received by the detectorists on Facebook, I then created the Facebook "Metal Detecting News" page, which is where I mainly post now".

An interesting aside....Eddy (or Edgar) was not aware of the metal detecting term "eddy current" when choosing his forum name....

If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to Eddy's updates by click on the following logo.....Thanks as always Eddy!



In case you are not familiar with one Nigel Swift, he lives in the UK (sorry all you Brits), and is Warsaw Wally's bosom buddy. They are joined at the hip is so many ways. Both love to piss and moan about we "tekkies" and how we are ruining the world. Now "Swiftie" is bitching about a metal detector, and wants to ban it in the UK. Apparently it's causing him to lose sleep, and those using it to dig foxholes (both he and Wally are very gullible). If you care to read his latest frazzle, click here.

You know IF I could find just one "positive" post from either of these two moron's I wouldn't get so annoyed, but try as I might, I couldn't. Oh, and don't be foolish to think you can respond to any of their rants because they will only post it if they can follow up with a barrage of insults, and if you think I am insulting them here, you are correct. Detectorists and collectors from all over have learned that it's the only thing they understand....


GREAT PHOTO FOR ALL YOU SOB'S (Searchers of Beaches)

A friend, Tim Reeve, shared the following photo on Facebook and I really liked it. I messaged him and asked whose it was, and might I share it here. Tim replied that it was his friend Tony Diana's, and that Tony said it was indeed okay to repost it here.

Tony was also kind enough to offer the following explanation of how the photo came about.....

"The Pic was at the Cocoa Beach Pier several years back. It was during the peak of a storm and I was out in the brunt of it. In the picture you can see the string on the handle with the Caribiner (heavy) on the end. It was blowing at an angle thus showing the force of the winds. The wind was odd in that the waves would stay way out and then suddenly come rushing in. It was possible to be in wet sand one minute and instantly waist deep.

I was timing the waves and every other signal was a coin or piece of jewelry. There was quite a bit of movement going on..... Typically during bad storms in Florida you may see a News Van parked on the beach. They will often sit and wait for hours. They park and look for a story or event to happen that shows the fury of the storm. This time it was a photographer from Florida Today Magazine and he asked if he could take pictures of me.

I was amazed that he was using his very expensive looking camera. It must have been waterproof as it was raining intensely. After a while he stopped clicking pictures, and he asked me why I was doing this in the middle of a storm? I told him, "to beat the competition". He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. About a week later someone posted the picture on a detecting forum and I instantly recognized it. I later placed the Dutch saying on it in Photoshop.

It was a very cool moment. I like hunting in the rain and inclement weather. I keep it safe but I push the limit sometimes and in this case it paid off"

Thanks Tony for a the story and congratulatins on a great photo....


Got out this morning for a couple of hours, and the weather was great. Temps in the 70's and light breeze. Took my oldie but goodie 6000 di, Series 2, to a school across the lake for a test run. It's one spot I can go on a Sunday morning, enjoy peace and quite, not have to look over my shoulder, and sometimes find a piece of silver. Today was no exception. Found a Merc, a silver Roosie, and a few clad pieces. The two silver coins were not deep at all, probably about 4 inches, which begs the question... how did I miss them before? The answer of course (at least in my mind) is that no site is ever hunted out.

The 6000di, Series 2, was a favorite of mine and a real workhorse back in the 80's, and it was fun using it again. Two concerns I do have however....the arm cup is starting to wiggle some, and I will need to think of a way to tighten it without damaging the wire inside the rod it's attached to. The 2nd problem? My "hip-mount" has now become a "belly mount", thanks to eating and sitting on my ass too much. Tried to look at the meter on my hip, and couldn't see it (no comments Howland). After shortening the strap, and moving it to the front, all was well. The joys of getting old.....?


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