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Bruce Hazelman meeting friend during hunting trip to UK Canadian contingent at Treasure Weekend Jimmy Sierra and I, Atlantic City

Bruce Hazelman meets friend

while hunting the Cotswolds, 1987

Canadian Contingent, 1986

Jimmy Sierra and I, 1985

First World Council Meeting, Longleat Castle Me, Mary Penson, Jimmy Sierra, Mike Vella and Michael Paul Henson, Lost Treasure Classic Michel Tocque and I testing Grand Master, west coast of France

First Meeting of the World Council

Longleat Castle, Bath, England

Me, Mary Penson, Jimmy Sierra

Mike Vella & Michael Paul Henson

Michel Tocque & me on Brittany coast,

field testing GrandMaster II detector

Gerald Costello, John Howland (NCMD/UK) and I atop the Empire State building Charles Garret, yours truly & Alan Holcombe Trip to White's Electronics, 2007

Gerald Costello, John Howland and

me atop Empire State Building, 1984

Charles Garrett, yours truly and

Alan Holcombe, 1985

Visiting White's Electronics,

Sweet Home, Oregon 2007