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Amy, Ed, Betty and Troy Jimmy, Ed Olding and Alan Holcombe Sondra Bernzweig & John Punola

Amy Maruso, Ed Fedory, Betty

Weeks and Troy Galloway, FMDAC Weekend

Jimmy Sierra, Ed Olding and

Alan Holcombe, 1988

Sondra Bernzweig (Detector Electronics)

and John Punola

Dick Tichian & Rosemary Anderson Ed Fedory Betty Weeks

Dick Tichian, photographer

with Rosemary Anderson

Ed Fedory, the Relic Hunter,

Atlantic City, 1988

Betty Weeks, hitting the

Beach, circa 1988

Leon Aponte and his Continental 1776 Searching beach, Erquy, France Carole Lewellen, 1988

Leon Aponte and his Continental

1776 coin found in Lambertivlle, NJ, 1992

Searching beach, Erquy, France

Jim Lewellen's wife Carole

at Federation Convention, 1988