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Regton Ltd. owner, Nigel Ingram

Birmingham, England, late 80's

Dick Stout, John and Margaret Howland

Mayfly Pub (John's home away from home)

Gerald Costello from the NCMD, Dick

Stout and Nigel Ingram, Regton, Ltd.

John Howland trying to look happy

with my gift of canned road kill

Michel serving fruits de la mer

at his home in Plerin, France

A little "game pie" at the Mayfly

Pub, North Stockbridge, UK

Michel, my wife Fay and Joelle, taking

a break on the Northern coast of Brittany

Treasure hunter Michel Tocque

and his lovely wife Joelle, 1990

From the left: Unidentified, Joe Cook, Bruce

Hazelman, Fay, Bob Nichols, Mike

Orts, ready to hunt ghost town, Texas 1985