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Eleanor Hube, the late Paul Smith and

friend, hunting the Cotwswolds, Bath, England 1987

Chowing down with John Howland and his

wife Margaret, Caddo Lake fishing trip

Richard MacRobbie, British Hunter, Don Cyr,

Eleanor Hube and Fay, Longleat Rally, UK

John Howland and Norm Presson,

fishing guide, Caddo Lake, Texas

Margaret, the big bubba, and I

deciding on which hot sauces to ship over

The Bobbsey Twins (a.k.a. two jerks), goofing

off in San Antonio, Texas, circa late 80's

Fay, standing in front of

Longleat Castle, UK 1985

My good friend Archie Ray with

some of this finds, circa 1980

Eleanor Hube, detecting trip to

Mongolia, late 1980's