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FMDAC members attending Longleat Rally, Bath, England 1987 Glenn Carson, FMDAC attorney Sam Abramo, Night Before party, Atlantic City Bob Podhrasky, Chief Engineer for Garrett and I, Treasure Expo, Freemont, Nebraska

FMDAC Member Trip to Longleat

Rally, Bath England 1987

Glenn Carson/Sam Abramo, FMDAC

attorney, at Treasure Weekend Party

Bob Podhrasky and me, Treasure

Expo, Fremont, Nebraska 1988

Sam Abramo, Jerry Lenk, Rosalie Ray, Harry Bodofsky and I, FMDAC meeting in Saddle Brook, New Jersey Treasure hunter Michel Tocque & his wfe Joelle, Fay and I, France 2000 Cliff Steffens and Ed Laub, unloading coins for Atlantic City Hunt

FMDAC Officers at Meeting 1984

Michel & Joelle Tocque,

Fay and I, France, 2000

Cliff Steffens & Ed Laub,

unloading coins for AC hunt

French treasures that are easy to fiind Photo taken from early FMDAC meeting/Haddon Heights, New Jersey Picnic on the a Brittany beach, France 1996

French treasures found

without a metal detector!

Photo from early FMDAC meeting/1983

Having picnic with Michel and

Joelle/Brittany coast 1998