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My daughter, Molly, Treasure Weekend Mary Hand, White's Electronics, editor of all my books My wife Fay, and my grandson, Lucas Rosemary Anderson, Atlantic City, 1985

My daughter Molly promoting

FMDAC, Atlantic City, 1987

Mary Hand, from White's

......editor of my books

Fay and grandson Lucas

detecting the local park

Rosemary Anderson, Western &

Eastern Treasures, AC, 1986

Front page of Menu, Longleat Castle, 1987 John & Ruth Miller, good friends, and Garrett distributors, 1988 The old man taking a break from the Texas heat Sharing a joke with an old friend

Front Page of Menu

The Longleat Rally

John & Ruth Miller,

Garrett distributors, 1988

Taking it easy in the

Texas heat, 2008

Sharing a joke