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Goofing off with Michel, Gironde, France, 2004 Lunch with Alan Holcombe and wife Alieta. 2007 Alan, me and Charles, 1983

Michel Tocque and me,

Gironde, France 2004

Alan Holcombe, Fay, Alan's wife

Alieta, and I, Corvallis, Oregon 2007

The very early days, and

the "cough drop guys"

Fay hunting waikiki beach
John Punola, Atlantic City 1985
Taking a break way back when....

My wife Fay, Waikiki 1991

Good friend and author John,

Punola, Atlantic City 1985

Taking it easy way back

when the hair was black

Hunting farm in rural, east Texas My best treasure, my family Visitiing the White's factory, 2007

Hunting Farm in east Texas

My most precious treasure,

my family, Mother's Day 2009

Checking out the new model

White's factory, 2007