by Joe Cook

I love reading Dick’s web site,, and would like to contribute more to it than the few pictures and thoughts I have had about different postings. But since I have been pretty much unable to detect for a good number of years because of health issues, I wondered what I could possibly add that anyone in the hobby of metal detecting would enjoy reading. I am not up on the new equipment on the market, so any kind of equipment review is out of the question. I have never been real good at research and used to depend a lot on the fact that I worked construction and got around a lot to find sites to hunt. And I never found the ‘pot of gold’ to talk about even though through the years I have found my fair share of ‘goodies’.

As past President of the FMDAC, I guess I could talk about problems facing the hobby, but I am not even current with all of the problems that the hobby faces today and I depend on Dick’s site to keep me informed about what’s going on. (And a big ‘thumbs up’ to the ‘New York City Task Force’ for doing such a GREAT job!). No, I was trying to think of something that we all could relate to that even I could talk about… Then I looked up on the shelf in my little ‘man cave’ and saw it… my collection of UMO’s! We all have them, we get them most every time we go detecting, Unidentified Metal Objects! I have jars full of them!!

I take and clean up the metal objects that I find that I either don’t know what they are or are items that I consider to be of little or no value. Not pull tabs or bottle caps, but, well, you know, the old toy cars, old dog licenses, old gears from a watch or something, assorted gun shells, old buttons and pins and all kinds of ‘unidentified metal objects’ or as I call them, UMO’s. I put them in old Mason Jars and then put them up on the shelf. Without fail, almost everyone who visits, picks the jars up and looks them over. When they ask me what it is, I tell them just some of the many metal objects that I found metal detecting. Almost without fail the reply will be ‘Oh, you metal detect?’ and that gives me the golden opportunity to talk about the hobby that I love! And many times it use to lead to a chance to hunt their property!!

When I tell people that the items are UMO’s, it seems like an invitation for them to try and identify as many of the objects as possible in the jars! And to my surprise, some of the items I have put into the jars turned out to be ‘keepers’! Anyway, here are a few pictures of a couple of my UMO jars and some of the items in them. I suggest you try to display some of your UMOs and watch how much fun your friends and family have trying to identify them! And don’t forget, if you get a hot lead to go detecting because of it, give me a call to come with you!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dick for maintaining this site for all our enjoyment. And thanks to the many fine folks who contribute to the site on a regular basis. Why not pick up the laptop and jot down one of your favorite stories to share with us all, heck it’s easy! Even I just did it!!

Three of my jars of U.M.O.'s
A close up of one of the jars
Some of the UMO contests of one jar
See any keepers in here? It's been pretty well picked through! That's the fun of it!

Not everything we find is silver or gold, darn it, but that does not mean it can’t be fun! Take a little time to display your finds, both the good ones and the “U.M.O.’s” and I am sure you will be surprised to see that people will enjoy looking at the ‘junk’ as much as the gold! Happy Hunting!